Kaz Matsui, Now Carlos Guillen? Why MLB Needs to Add Fiber to Clubhouse Meals.

Michael PopeAnalyst IMay 27, 2008

Gone are the days of pre-and post-game meals consisting solely of concession stand leftovers—hot dogs, pizza, cheeseburgers, potato chips, and corn dogs.

Now, players are pampered with catered meals such as eggs, waffles, sausage, grilled chicken and fish, turkey burgers, burritos, rice, and pasta dishes.

It is a more nutritious diet, designed to provide their bodies with healthy foods that will keep them strong and able to perform on the field.

But, in this age of strength and power, is the focus simply on building and keeping muscle? If so, players are most likely focusing on eating a high-protein diet.

One negative side effect of a high-protein diet? Constipation.

Earlier this season, Kaz Matsui missed significant time after surgery to repair an anal fissure.

Then tonight, Tigers announcer Jim Price mentioned some of Carlos Guillen's difficulties this season may be the result of his battle with discomfort due to hemorrhoids.

Anyone who has experienced this embarrassing affliction knows how distracting they can be.

Until I radically changed my diet, I had them from time to time. Often, I'd run to the bathroom to check for blood. I needed to apply cream to hold down the swelling and help take away the sting. It was hard to concentrate, but I certainly couldn't tell anyone why I avoided sitting and when I did sit, I did so gingerly and with a wince.

It is estimated problematic hemorrhoids are common in over 30 million Americans a year.

Doctors recommend changing your diet and eating habits as the number one way to prevent hemorrhoids.

Hearing of two players affected by hemorrhoids makes me wonder—how many more players suffer from them?

Today's players have amenities athletes have never known before: Whirlpools, massages, couches and recliners, laptop hook-ups in their lockers, personal trainers paid for by their bulging bank accounts.

With all the specialization in baseball, maybe it's time someone paid attention to higher fiber diets and offer those in the new baseball clubhouses.