Does Fedor Have Any Weaknesses?

Alex WassermanContributor ISeptember 18, 2009

There has long been a legend in this sport who people look up to and admire. To some he is a god but to others he is an undefeated mystery. His reign has been so long that people tend to forget when it started. He stands at 6 feet tall and weighing a mere 233 pounds for a heavyweight. This man is Fedor and he is not your regular fighter but a fighter that has a long stretch of victories with no losses. He came from nothing and defeated the odds so many times that he is now an Emperor, The Emperor of MMA.

He was grown so much in myth and legend that people think it is just purely impossible to beat him and to even say that he can lose will make people furious and mean. They often explain that he has no weak spots in his golden armor and he will forever remain unbeaten.

I am here to see if he really does have no weaknesses or maybe he does have a fatal achilles heel and could fall like troy.

Lets start with his striking game. Many people love to critizise his sloppy looping punches and that it does not come from the textbook and has little technical strategy in it. Well he proved people wrong many times. Freddie Roach student Andrei Arlovski who was soon to try his hand at pro boxing fell to Fedor in the very first round and huge powerful Tim Sylvia got clobbered by Fedor in his strength in the very first minute. Also the striking king Mirko Crocop who at the time was the most feared striker in the world, Fedor took the unanimous decision without Mirko knocking him out. I think that Fedors unique striking may not be pretty but it sure gets the job done not only once but many times.

Now on with the submission game. This is where 53.33% of his wins come from and where he makes amazing art. Flawless armbars against Mark Coleman and a perfact kimura against Mark Hunt let us all know that Fedor is one of the top two submission heavyweight experts in the world.

The mental game is also an aspect of fighting and actually a very big one. Many fighters tend to say that fighting is 60% mental and 0% skill. If you dont have your mind calm at fight night, you might as well resign before you embarass yourself. Fedor has a chilling calmness and straight face during fights and never shows emotion. In the mind game Fedor has beaten many opponents before they even stepped inside the octagon.

Fedors physical apperance may fool you. He is one of the fastest hevyweights out there and not only that he also great power in his hands. Fedor is always ready to go 3 rounds and is a great athlete. Also a very good attribute is that he has a solid chin and great sub defence. This is obvious though because he is undefeated.

Now for wrestling. Fedor does Sambo and is a world champ in it and Sambo does require some wreslting skill level. Fedor is very good at taking people down and putting them on there back. The thing is though is that his takedown defence may not be the most solid thing out there. Fedor has fought several wrestlers like Kevin Randleman, Mark Coleman, and Matt Lindland. All of these fighters stormed in on Fedor and took him down at will. Though he quikly submitted them shortly after, this is a problem. A very solid wresler with great sub defence can maybe have a chance with Fedor. Someone might pop in your mind, and he is brock lesnar, similar to Matt Lindland but with 50 more pounds of pure muscle. Can he defeat Fedor? We may never know but I lean toward Fedor because Brock has to break through all of Fedors different strengths to reach his one dimensional strength.

In MMA to be a great fighter you have to be very well rounded and you can go only so far with one strength.

In conclusion I think that Fedor has one small weakness but it is not enough for anybody to capitalize on it and he has his strengths defending it.

Thank you and Comments are appreciated.