The Top 10 Wrestling Finishers of All Time

Goosen's GeeseCorrespondent IMay 27, 2008

You buy The Shawshank Redemption to feel the goosebumps on your arms as Tim Robbins opens his arms to the sky in the pouring rain. 

You buy Rocky to scream at the screen as Sylvester Stallone endures through an epic battle with Apollo Creed.

I bought the complete Wrestlemania set to feel the excitement as Shawn Michaels came in by zip line in the 10th installment. 

I bought it to sit on the edge of my seat as Bret "the Hitman" Hart and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin engaged in a classic clash of the titans in the 13th Wrestlemania.

You buy DVDs (or VHS if you still live in the Stone Age), so you can relive the moments on film that shook you to your core.

The essence of the wrestling match is the excitement that is built up towards the climax of the match.

The finisher.

When done right, the finisher can ignite the crowd.  The right finisher can bring down the house. 

Without further adieu here are the 10 finishers that were done to the highest level of excellence night in and night out.

10. "The Sharpshooter" - Bret "the Hitman" Hart

Speaking of excellence, "the Excellence of Execution" starts off the countdown with perhaps the most bone chilling, leg-lock finisher ever performed.

9. "The Razors Edge" - Razor Ramon

This finisher was a classic because it allowed for a momentary build up of crowd noise as Ramon held his lifeless opponent on his back.  This is also a great finisher because it had the extra twist that a normal power bomb didn't have.

8. "Elbow Drop" - Randy "Macho Man" Savage

One of the more simplistic finishers.  The elbow drop off the top turn buckle was electrifying because for decades Savage would hang in the air as camera bulbs flashed left and right.

7. "Sweet Chin Music" - Shawn Michaels

This is became Michaels finisher after he decided to go away from a more traditional, not nearly as exciting DDT. 

This finisher had the second best build up to any finisher ever with Michaels repeatedly stomping and "tuning up the band."

6. "Chair Finisher" - La Parka

This involved an opponent being hit by a chair followed by a dance by La Parka.  It was so odd in its nature that you couldn't help but enjoy it. 

La Parka proved that if you couldn't come up with anything good, take something lame and add a twist.  It worked well for the short-lived La Parka.

5. "Tombstone Pile Driver" - The Undertaker

It could be argued that the character of the Undertaker was the greatest wrestling persona ever created. 

While the Tombstone did not offer any fancy or flashy elements, there is no finisher that fit better with its character then this one.

4. "The Pedigree" - Hunter Hearst Helmsley

As funny and entertaining as Triple H used to be and isn't now, his finisher has remained consistent.  As Triple H's career became longer, his finisher became more recognizable to the point it's at now where it is instant. 

Again, it's not a flashy finisher, but it's a classic because it has withstood the test of time, which is more then a lot of the previous names can say.

3. "Stone Cold Stunner" - "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

The only problem with the Stone Cold Stunner is that there was no build up to it.  It would just happen and if you blinked, you might have missed it.  However, the post-stunner celebration made Steve Austin a legend. 

The middle fingers and the beers and the whole post-finisher spectacle ignited the crowd more so then the actual finisher did which is something no one else can say.

2. "Leg Drop" - Hulk Hogan

This is not the best finisher build up ever, but it definitely is an originator to what we saw for decades after. 

Hulk Hogan got the crowd going like no one else could and then delivered a tree trunk of a leg to the chest of his opponent. 

The leg drop was another simple finisher that lit the crowd on fire every time and has withstood the test of time better then any other finisher on this list.

1. "The People's Elbow" - The Rock

The Rock Bottom was not his finisher.  "The Most Electrifying Move in Sports Entertainment" was quite simply the perfect build up, the perfect delivery, and the wrestler to perform it. 

The People's Elbow was a perfect 10.  Without the cameras and the posing, this is just a running elbow drop.  However, the Rock never seemed to disappoint with a flawless delivery in the quite simple move. 

Like all the aforementioned finishers, the actual move did not wow the crowd but the delivery did, and no one did it better then the Rock.  It might be a pretty safe bet that no one ever will either.

Honorable mention: "Curtain Call" - Goldust.  A kick to the groin that made thousands of men in attendance and millions more at home cringe as it took place.



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