Formula One: Team Mate Comparisons After Italy (Round Thirteen)

Mike CassCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2009

MONZA, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 13:  Race winner Rubens Barrichello (R) of Brazil and Brawn GP celebrates with second placed team mate Jenson Button (L) of Great Britain and Brawn GP in parc ferme following the Italian Formula One Grand Prix at the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza on September 13, 2009 in Monza, Italy.  (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)

Continuing my regular article where I compare Formula One team mates against each other.


I will compare qualifying performance and judge them after the weight of the cars has been announced.


How qualifying results are displayed:

Position Qualified/Driver Name/Qualifying Time/Weight


I will then give my opinion of who had the better race, which is not necessarily the driver with the best result.


How race results are displayed:

Position Finished/Driver Name/Total Race Time/Fastest Lap


Drivers will be awarded one point for qualifying and one point for the race, come the end of the season we will see who did the better job.


Feel free to challenge my opinion.


Brawn GP


Qualifying:Barrichello +1


Barrichello had slightly more fuel than Button, even so he still put in a faster lap.


P5 Barrichello 1:25.015 688.5kg

P6 Button 1:25.030 687kg


Race:Barrichello +1


Both Brawns were racey off the start despite their heavy fuel loads and no KERS, both Barrichello and Button got by Kovalainen on the first lap.


It was then a case of making their two-stop strategies work and both did what was required of them, and they got the job done in the pits.


So another 1-2 for Brawn that pretty much secures them the constructors title, and makes the drivers title a straight fight between the two of them.


But who scores the point this time? Well although neither put a wheel wrong all afternoon, it's Barrichello who took the win and looked to have the measure of Button all weekend.


P1 Barrichello 1:16:21.706 Fastest Lap: 1:24.967

P2 Button 1:16:24.572 Fastest Lap: 1:24.935



Season: Jenson Button 1610 Rubens Barrichello





Qualifying:Kovalainen +1


This is a tough one to call, Hamilton may have taken pole, but Kovalainen did a spectacular time when you consider he had 29.5kg more fuel on board!


So fuel adjusted Kovalainen would have been on pole given his lap time, I think that deserves the point.


P1 Hamilton 1:24.066 653.5kg

P4 Kovalainen 1:24.845 683kg


Race: Hamilton +1


Kovalainen looked like he was going to get straight back passed Barrichello at the start, but then got mugged himself by Button and Liuzzi on the opening lap instead! Alonso also had Kovalainen in the first few laps, as the Finn struggled for pace.


Kovalainen should have technically been on to win the race considering his fuel load, but his early lack of pace ended any chance of that, and he came home a very disappointing sixth.


Hamilton didn't get away from the line well, but luckily his KERS meant that Raikkonen didn't get him going into turn one.


Hamilton then set about banging in fast lap after fastest lap early on, but his pace wasn't enough to be in front of the Brawns after the strategy played out.


Hamilton then tried to chase Button down for second place after the stops, but pushed too hard and wiped out against the wall with one lap to go.


Even so it was still a great race from Hamilton, and you can't help but respect his spirit in fighting until the end.


P6 Kovalainen 1:17:22.399 Fastest Lap: 1:25.109

P12 Hamilton +1 lap -Crash- Fastest Lap: 1:24.802



Season: Lewis Hamilton 179 Hekki Kovalainen




Qualifying:Raikkonen +1


Fisichella got his dream to drive for Ferrari at Monza, but it wasn't exactly a dream start. Fisi put his prancing horse in the wall during Saturday practice and then failed to make Q3 during qualifying, at least he didn't qualify last like Badoer.


Fisichella must be kicking himself when you consider Force India's pace this weekend. Last time out in Spa Fisi was a match for Raikkonen, but I guess he is still getting use to the Ferrari cockpit and KERS.


P3 Raikkonen 1:24.523 662kg

P14 Fisichella 1:23.901 690kg


Race: Raikkonen +1


Fisichella made good use of his KERS at the start and nearly passed Vettel into turn one, but ended up losing out to Heidfeld instead.


He then had a solid drive to the flag claiming ninth place, hopefully he will be a more competitive in Singapore now he's completed a race distance using KERS.


Raikkonen also had a good start easily getting by Sutil, and nearly taking first off Hamilton.


Raikkonen spent the rest of the race keeping Sutil behind him, and was lucky that the Force India driver also messed up during his pit stop.


After Hamilton crashed out Raikkonen inherited third place and his fourth consecutive podium finish, more then enough to earn the point over Fisichella


P3 Raikkonen 1:16:52.370 Fastest Lap: 1:24.761

P9 Fisichella 1:17:48.506 Fastest Lap: 1:25.498



Season: Giancarlo Fisichella 02 Kimi Raikkonen

(Season: Luca Badoer 04 Kimi Raikkonen)

(Season: Felipe Massa 1010Kimi Raikkonen)



Red Bull


Qualifying:Vettel +1


Another tough one to call, there is barely anything in it when you compare fuel and time, but I think Vettel just edges it.


Neither Red Bull driver has had much on track practice time due to engine worries, but it's Vettel who has had the least track time of the pair.


P9 Vettel 1:25.180 682kg

P10 Webber 1:25.314 683kg


Race:Vettel +1


Webber crashed out on the opening lap thanks to a little assistance from Kubica, which pretty much ends his hopes of becoming world champion this year.


Vettel had a poor start to the race getting passed by Alonso, and then straight away by Kubica.


Vettel looked scruffy all afternoon having a few off track excursions, but he made the flag and got a point.


P8 Vettel 1:17:47.106 Fastest Lap: 1:25.194


P20 Webber -Retired lap 0: Accident




Season: Sebastian Vettel 1610 Mark Webber




Qualifying:Trulli +1


Glock didn't make it out of Q1, Trulli was on the bubble to make Q3.


P11 Trulli 1:23.611 703kg

P16 Glock 1:24.036 709.8kg


Race:Glock +1


Glock had to take to the escape road at the start, and then later on in the race after rejoining from the pits nearly had to again to avoid contact with Trulli.


Trulli won that battle with Glock out of the pits and then set about trying to overtake Nakajima, but went wide after hitting the kerb on a botched overtake attempt.


This allowed Glock to have a run at this team mate and the two duelled for a few corners, but it was Glock who won this time.


It was a fair fight between the two Toyota drivers, but Trulli didn't want to give the place up and ended up going off the track.


As Glock won that duel with his team mate on the track, he can also take the point.


P11 Glock 1:19:05.631 Fastest Lap: 1:25.751

P14 Trulli +1 lap Fastest Lap: 1:25.700



Season: Jarno Trulli 1511Timo Glock





Qualifying: Alonso +1


Grosjean's pace is looking closer to that of Alonso this weekend, but he didn't make the cut for Q3 while Alonso did.


P8 Alonso 1:25.072 677.5kg

P12 Grosjean 1:23.728 699.8kg


Race: Alonso +1


Grosjean had a dire start and that was his afternoon over, as he spent the rest of it trundling around at the back.


Alonso meanwhile got all of his afternoons work done in the first few laps overtaking Kovalainen and Vettel, despite having serious wheel spin off the line.


P5 Alonso 1:17:20.888 Fastest Lap: 1:25.199

P15 Grosjean +1 lap Fastest Lap: 1:25.609


Season: Fernando Alonso 51 Romain Grosjean.

(Season: Fernando Alonso 155 Nelson Piquet Jr.)



Qualifying:Nakajima +1


Williams are the team to suffer now Force India have improved their package, but for once it was Nakajima who got the best out of the Williams.


P17 Nakajima 1:24.074 706.2kg

P18 Rosberg 1:24.121 708.6kg


Race:Nakajima +1


Rosberg came in for an early stop fearing a puncture, that pretty much meant his race was over.


Nakajima though was quietly getting on with it, and put in a good showing to come home tenth.


P10 Nakajima 1:19:03.806 Fastest Lap: 1:25.976

P16 Rosberg +2 laps Fastest Lap: 1:25.901


Season: Nico Rosberg 233 Kazuki Nakajima




Qualifying:Heidfeld +1


Seeing as both BMW's had engine problems in Q2 it's hard to read who did the better job. But going on Q1 times it was Heidfeld who put in the better performance.


P13 Kubica 1:23.866 697.5kg

P15 Heidfeld 1:24.275 697.5kg


Race:Heidfeld +1


Kubica assisted in putting Webber out on the first lap, this incident damaged his front wing which resulted in him receiving a black and orange flag to pit to sort the problem.


However it wasn't long before Kubica was retiring himself, with an engine/oil leak problem.


Heidfeld though looked a lot more decisive then his team mate, making it past Fisichella at the start and then later on Vettel to claim some world championship points.


P7 Heidfeld 1:17:44.118 Fastest Lap: 1:25.488

P19 Kubica -Retired lap 15: Engine, oil leak- Fastest Lap: 1:27.819


Season: Robert Kubica 1412 Nick Heidfeld

Force India


Qualifying:Liuzzi +1


Considering this was Liuzzi first outing in the car since winter testing, he put in one hell of a performance. Just look a Fisichella, he has been racing all season but has struggled to adapt quickly to the cockpit controls of the Ferrari and KERS. The Force India has been significantly developed since Liuzzi was last in the car, but he was straight on the pace.


What makes this easy to call is that Liuzzi was 24.5kg heavier than his team mate, but was only eight tenths off his time.


No doubt about Sutil put in a great performance, and maybe would have even taken the pole had he not made that small mistake at the start of the lap. But I think Liuzzi edges this.


P2 Sutil 1:24.261 655kg

P7 Liuzzi 1:25.043 679.5kg


Race:Liuzzi +1


Liuzzi had a good start holding off Alonso in turn one, and he was doing a solid job until his car let him down.


Sutil lost out to the KERS of Raikkonen in the run down to turn one at the start, but then spent the rest of the afternoon chasing the Ferrari driver to no avail.


Had Sutil not made such a hash of his pit stop (taking out most of his mechanics), he might just of got in front of Raikkonen who also had a poor pit stop, and it would have been him inheriting the third place from Hamilton instead.


Even though it was a good display from Sutil I think Liuzzi would have finished in front of him, had he not had that transmission issue and therefore I'm going to award Liuzzi the race point (he also didn't take out any mechanics).


P4 Sutil 1:16:52.837 Fastest Lap: 1:24.739

P17 Liuzzi -Retired lap 22: Transmission- Fastest Lap: 1:26.041


Season: Vitantonio Liuzzi 20 Adrian Sutil

(Season: Giancarlo Fisichella 1311 Adrian Sutil)


Toro Rosso


Qualifying:Buemi +1


Alguersuari can be happy that his five place grid penalty for taking a new gear box hasn't penalized him in any way, but Buemi was over half a second quicker then him.


P19 Buemi 1:24.220 706kg

P20 Alguersuari 1:24.951 706kg


Race:Buemi +1


Alguersuari started in the pit lane, and soon returned there to retire with a gearbox issue.


Buemi once again made it to the chequered flag, he had a bit of a tangle with the Toyota's and breezed passed Fisichella at one point, but other than that it was an unseen drive at the back to claim thirteenth.


P13 Buemi +1 lap Fastest Lap: 1:25.564

P18 Alguersuari -Retired lap 19: Gearbox- Fastest Lap: 1:27.846


Season: Sebastian Buemi 62 Jamie Alguersuari

(Season: Sebastian Buemi 135 Sebastian Bourdais)