Stanley Cup Finals: Red Wings up 2-0; Are Pens Strong Enough at Home?

Jon Fisher@@Jonfisher21Correspondent IIMay 27, 2008

As a die hard Pens fan, I was watching my beloved Penguins and thought to myself, "We look like the Pens from 2003-2004". 

Honestly, our best two players were an aging Mario Lemieux, and an overrated defense-man, Dick Tarnstorm.  The Pens record that year was 23-50-8, the eight; meant ties five years ago. 

I have heard a lot of things in the past few days since the first butt-kicking the Pens got in game one. 

I've heard the Penguins can't keep up with the finesse of Detroit's European players. 

I have heard Osgood is just unbeatable. 

I have also seen the so called illustrious Don Cherry say the Wings are just too dominant.  (Again I love my insults on Don Cherry)

Regardless, I don't think that is the major case. 

Even though this is very surprising, Cherry has a point, but that isn't the main problem. 

I think it's the Penguins game plan. 

Every Pens fan has known for a long time that our major scheme is the dump and chase.  Most of the time it works, I mean look at our regular season success over the past two years. 

Then again, when other teams start studying film upon film, it gets a little too predictable.  The Wings had us nailed down to a hard wood floor and just kept hammering down on us. 

Yes, we had our times in the game where we actually looked like we were going to rally, but we couldn't execute our chances. 

That point is also another reason why we couldn't beat Detroit.  

Oh yeah one more thing, Detroit does not play well when they are behind in the game.  We should shut down Detroit first, and score second.  For an example, look at their series with the Stars.  They can't come through when it counts.

Crosby said himself," I don't think they are outplaying us, it's just the fact that we can't execute on our scoring chances".  He is absolutely right. 

Anyway, Therrien trying to change things up a bit was smart.  I guess not too smart for Babcock. 

If you want my opinion, CHANGE THE WHOLE SCHEME. 

I know that sounds a little too ridiculous since game three is tomorrow, but I would at least try it out.  Every time Detroit is on a rush, they cross each other and find the open man and make a play out of it. 

What do the Pens do?  We go to the opponent blue line, and dump the puck.  That isn't a good way of scoring, unless we have someone coming to the front of the net for a one-timer, but that will not happen each  time guaranteed. 

Bottom line, the Penguins need to change something.  In regards to my last article, something is wrong with Malkin.  I know he told Therrien he's tired.  I think that's a bunch of bull.  Not to take anything away from him, but a twenty one year old superstar shouldn't be tired.  All I can say is, if the Pens want to take the series by the horns, we better win at home. 

No home wins, no Cup.  Simply put.