New England Win Was Less Than Stampede!

Matthew WardleContributor ISeptember 17, 2009

New England came out on top against a Buffalo team that will fail to make any real impact on the play off contenders for this season. However, the game was not as easy as expected, and with the long-awaited return of the Patriots talisman, Tom Brady, fans can be at ease knowing that the passing game is the best in the business. Brady completed 2 TD passes in the final 2 minutes to ensure that the Patriots escaped an embarrassing first, regular season game defeat.

New England made the short trip to Buffalo on Monday night where they would be expected to blow the Bills away. This was not the case. 2 minutes left in the 4th and Patriots fans (such as myself) would have been shaking. It looked as if the Bills were going to grab a shock win. As the famous cliche goes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going and it was certainly a case of this. Brady, the magician of Massachusetts, conjured up some spell binding passes in the final minutes and handed the Patriots the victory.

Whilst I can talk about the strength of the offence, the Patriots defence looks less that reassuring. With the expected retirement of veteran linebacker Tedy Bruschi, the security of the Pats end zone looks like it could come under serious siege this year and that could lead to us having to do what we do best. Score TD's. Sure we can do that easily, with the likes of Welker, Moss and Brady, but passing is one half of the game and we have possibly the best passing game in the league. But what is missing?

The thing missing from our offence is the running game. We used to have a brilliant running back in the shape of Corey Dillon, who appears to have been reincarnated (only in a better way) in the form of Vikings superstar Adrian Peterson. If we had another running back like Dillon then we could also control the clock at vital times, break up the play and add new diversity to our game.

I would say that we are fine with our superb passing game against teams like the Bills, but when it comes to more powerful teams with better defences, Baltimore for instance, then we will need a little bit more tact and guile with our approach. Overall, a pleasing return for the cornerstone of the team and hopefully our campaign will result with a nice Vince Lombardi trophy in the bag.