Week 6 Top 25

Leon WynnAnalyst IOctober 2, 2007

Icon#1 LSU

Last Week: #1
LSU 34, Tulane 9

In short, the Tigers are guilty of looking ahead.

The Tulane’s Green Wave trailed by only a point at the half. After what was sure to be a fiery speech from Head Coach Les Miles, the Tigers came charging out to dominate the second-half and allowed no more points to creep up next to “Tulane” on the scoreboard. With two weeks of preparation for the Florida game, we can only hope that the Tigers will deliver a perfect victory.

This Week
Florida @ LSU

#2 USC

Last Week: #2
USC 27, Washington 24

Beating an unranked team by 3 points isn’t anything to write home about and will not leave a positive image for those who did not see the game. However, in truth, Trojans did dominate the game.

John David Booty was decent—throwing for 236 yards and a touchdown. Stafon Johnson and Chauncey Washington ran the ball for 228 yards and each picked up a TD. Even the USC defense showed some spirit for the first time this season—allowing 190 yards of total offense. Most of the Huskies points came from USC mistakes (turnovers) rather than good play.

One thing to keep in mind: when it comes down to a championship team, scoring points and preventing the other team from scoring is what wins games. While that may sound like one of John Madden’s oversimplified sayings, it holds true. The Trojans need to not only outperform, but outscore other teams.

This Week
Stanford @ USC

#3 Cal

Last Week: #6
Cal 31, Oregon 24

Cal jumps up to #3 in my polls, but a very close third—almost second. Marcus Ezeff makes the highlight reel with his impressive, game-winning hit against Oregon reciever, Cameron Colvin. Ezeff leveled Colvin near the 1-yard line—but the Ducks receiver tried to stretch the football around the pylon at the end zone. The football fell out of his hand.

Cal WR DeSean Jackson emerged with 11 catches for 161 yards and two scores, possibly pushing himself back onto many Heisman radars after his slow start this season. To be fair, he was nursing an injured thumb.

Can Cal beat USC on Nov. 10? Yes.

Will they? Too early for predicting, but the future is looking bright right now for the Golden Bears.

This Week
Oregon St. @ Cal

#4 Ohio State

Last Week: #8
Ohio State 30, Minnesota 7

Chris Wells rushed for 116 yards and two touchdowns, and Todd Boeckmann completed 18 passes for 209 yards and 2 Td's. The biggest playmaker award goes to Punter A.J. Trapasso who pinned Minnesota inside their 20 four times and also ran 28 yards for a first down during a first-quarter fake. The drive resulted in a TD.

Ohio State remains undefeated but still needs a hard-fought victory, possibly on the road, to gain national attention. This weekend the Buckeyes travel to face the undefeated Purdue. This is THE game for OSU to win. At least, until the Badgers come to town on the third of November.

This Week

Ohio St. @ Purdue

http://assets.espn.go.com/media/apphoto/7145f14f-504e-4a29-bd2a-d16ff2061a85.jpg#5 South Florida

Last Week: #13
South Florida 21, West Virginia 13

The Bulls defense took charge from the beginning, holding the WVU offense to three-and-outs on its first two possessions. Overall, USF's physical play proved too much for the Mountaineers, as Heisman hypers Steve Slaton and Noel Devine were held to only 90 yards on the night.

This upset was truly a roller coaster ride with great performances by both teams. It came to down a defensive struggle, and the Bulls have one of the best in the nation. If QB Matt Grothe can gain some consistency, expect to see USF finish the season as one of the nation's undefeated teams.

This Week
South Florida @ Florida-Atlantic

#6 Wisconsin

Last Week: #14
Wisconsin 37, Michigan St. 34

The Badgers pulled off a great victory against Michigan St. P.J. Hill ran for 155 yards and two touchdowns and Tyler Donovan completed 17 passes for 247 yards and two scores, with two interceptions. The Badger offense was amazing, gaining 461 yards and proudly possessing 3 different touchdown drives of over 80 yards.

The Wisconsin Defense was not as impressive, giving up 564 yards and allowing four touchdowns. That’s right folks, this game was one of the rare match-ups where the end result is 1,000 yards of total offense. A great game to watch, but the Badgers will have to get some Defensive backbone before they face Ohio State if they want to be considered for anything other than a “pat-on-the-back.”

This Week
Wisconsin @ Illinois

#7 Kentucky

Last Week: #12
Kentucky 45, Florida Atlantic 17

Andre Woodson’s amazing record for most consecutive pass-attempts without an interception finally reached its limit this weekend. Tavious Polo, the freshman cornerback who came into the game as the national leader in interceptions, picked off what would have been Woodson’s sixth TD of the night. Last week, I said Polo would break Woodson’s streak, but that it wouldn’t phase the talented QB. Woodson continued to perform after the interception. Regarding the streak-ending interception, Coach Rich Brooks said, "We won't have to have everybody talking about it anymore. He can start another one."

Woodson completed 26 passes for 301 yards and 5 TDs, leading his team to another victory. Don’t give the offense all the credit though, this SEC defense has got the good stuff. Hitting hard and fast, the Kentucky secondary only allowed 184 yards in the air from a predominately passing Florida-Atlantic Offense.

Now that the easy part of their schedule is out the way, Kentucky will arguably play the toughest three-game stretch of the season. We will see just how good these Cats are. The Wildcats travel to face South Carolina on Thursday in a match-up that is sure to answer many questions. After facing the ‘Cocks, the Wildcats will face LSU and then Florida, that’s three back-to-back-to-back battles against top 15 teams. Good luck UK, you’re going to need it.

This Week
Kentucky @ South Carolina

#8 Oklahoma

Last Week: #3
Colorado 27, Oklahoma 24

Despite a loss to Colorado, Oklahoma remains top-10 material in my book. (One of two top ten teams with a loss.)

Colorado 27, Oklahoma 24.

This is the strangest result out of all the games so far this season. Especially since the Sooners have put up 79, 51, 54, and 62 points in their four previous games. I won’t say anything else on this topic expect to mention that a Sooner victory over the Longhorns to give credibility back to Oklahoma.

This Week
Oklahoma @ Texas

Icon#9 Florida

Last Week: #5
Auburn 20, Florida 17

The Tigers put pressure on the Gator’s spread-offense, which has been relatively unchecked this year. When the Gators were unable to make their big-gain plays, they were forced to resort to a physical, grind-em-out running system that typically is hard for a spread-offense to adjust to.

Tubberville pulled off another victory against a Florida team that is 17-0 the past two years against “not-Auburn” teams. That’s a 17-2 record for the past two years with Auburn providing the only losses for Florida. Unfortunately, we will most likely see the Gators fall to #1 LSU this weekend—but expect a good show.

This Week
Florida @ LSU

#10 Boston College

Last Week: #10
Boston College 24, Massachusetts 14

The Eagles put together some decent stats with QB Matt Ryan completing 24 for 204 yards with 1 TD and Andre Callender running for 115 yards and two touchdowns on a career-high 32 carries. Decent, but not impressive.

Boston College will need to find some more depth if they expect to run with the elite. The Eagles were held to 119 yards on the ground—that’s right, only 4 yards from players not named Callender. What happens if Callender gets injured? Well let’s just say Boston College could be the team to give Notre Dame its first, and probably, its only victory of the season.

The Eagles have a fairly easy schedule and should only have three tough contests. But Boston College will have to win its games against unranked opponents by more than a few points if the team is going to go anywhere.

This Week
Boston College @ Bowling Green

#11 South Carolina

Last Week: #16
South Carolina 38, Mississippi St. 21

This Week
Kentucky @ South Carolina

#12 Georgia

Last Week: #17
Georgia 45, Ole Miss 17

This Week
Georgia @ Tennessee

#13 Oregon

Last Week: #7
Cal 31, Oregon 24

This Week
Washington St. @ Oregon

#14 West Virginia

Last Week: #4
South Florida 21, West Virginia 13

This Week
West Virginia @ Syracuse

#15 Arizona St.

Last Week: #19
Arizona St. 41, Stanford 3

This Week
Arizona St. @ Washington St.

#16 Missouri

Last Week: #18

This Week
Nebraska @ Missouri

#17 Virginia Tech

Last Week: Honorable Mention
Virginia Tech 17, North Carolina 10

This Week

#18 Cincinnati

Last Week: #24
Cincinnati 52, San Diego St 23

This Week
Cincinnati @ Rutgers

#19 Texas

Last Week: #11
Kansas St. 41, Texas 21

This Week
Oklahoma @ Texas

#20 Purdue

Last Week: unranked
Purdue 33, Notre Dame 19

This Week
Ohio State @ Purdue

#21 Hawaii

Last Week: #23
Hawaii 48, Idaho 20

This Week
Utah State @ Hawaii

#22 Clemson

Last Week: #9
Georgia Tech 13, Clemson 3

This Week
Virginia Tech @ Clemson

Icon#23 UCLA

Last Week: Honorable Mention
UCLA 40, Oregon State 14

This Week
Notre Dame @ UCLA

#24 Rutgers

Last Week: #15
Maryland 34, Rutgers 24

This Week

Cincinnati @ Rutgers

#25 Kansas St.

Last Week
Kansas St. 41, Texas 21

This Week
Kansas @ Kansas St.

Honorable Mention

Florida St.

Conference Representation

2) USC-Pac 10
3) Cal-Pac 10
4) Ohio State-Big 10
5) South Florida-Big East
6) Wisconsin-Big 10
7) Kentucky-SEC
8) Oklahoma- Big 12
9) Florida-SEC
10) Boston College-ACC
11) South Carolina-SEC
12) Georgia-SEC
13) Oregon-Pac 10
14) West Virginia-Big East
15) Arizona State-Pac 10
16) Missouri-Big 12
17) Virginia Tech-ACC
18) Cincinnati-Big East
19) Texas-Big 12
20) Purdue-Big 10
21) Hawaii-WAC
22) Clemson-ACC
23) UCLA-Pac 10
24) Rutgers-Big East
25) Kansas St-Big 12


Florida St-ACC

Big 10-3
Big 12-4
Big East-4
Pac 10-5


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