Week 2 NFL Predictions

Jorge RodriguezContributor ISeptember 17, 2009

PITTSBURGH - SEPTEMBER 11:  Mewelde Moore #21 of the Pittsburgh Steelers celebrates his first down in the fourth quarter against the Tennessee Titans on September 11, 2009 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Steelers defeated the Titans 13-10 in overtime.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Ok.So I went 8-8 in week 1,not too bad.I could have done alot better,had the ref's not blown the game for the Raiders and if Buffalo would not have muffed the kick against the Patiots.Oh well it's a new week,new match-ups,and a new upset alert for this week.


Tennessee Titans Vs Houston Texans.

Both teams are coming of week 1 losses,and both are determined not to start off the year 0-2.Tennessee has the homefield advantage for this game,as well as the series lead over the Texans.However I see times Changing in this series,Houston is on the rise with a powerful young defense and an offense,that once it gets rolling,can compete with the best of them.I see Houstons young offense and defense being too much for the Titans and I see this one going 20-14,with the Texans coming out on top.


Philidelphia Eagles Vs New Orleans Saints

So the Eagles put on an offensive show in week 1, winning 38-10 over the Panthers.However,in the win,the eagles also had a big loss.They lost quarterback Donovan McNabb.Even with McNabb,I would see it hard for the Eagles to keep pace with on of the most potent offenses in the league.For the Saints,Drew Brees just lit up the score board with 6 touhdowns in a route of the Lions 45-27.I see the Saints winning this one 35-17.


Jacksonville Jaguars Vs Arizona Cardinals.

Jacksonville is coming off a tough week 1 loss to the Colts,while Arizona had a week 1 loss to the 49ers.Both teams will be looking to avoid starting 0-2 and the Cardinals on paper have the advantage.The Cardinals as we all know,have on of the best offenses in football,and a defense that continues to improve every week.The Jaguars I said last week seem to have too many distractions this year,to even be a good team.I see Arizona winning this one easy 28-10.


Kansas City Chiefs Vs Oakland Raiders.

Well,well,well.Ladies and gentleman,Raider-nation seems to be alive and well for Oakland.The Raiders,in my eyes,got screwed last week.Anyone with eyes,could see that it was a touchdown.And how about the defense of the Raiders..Amazing last week,they completely dominated the Chargers.Tom Cable seems to have really changed things in Oakland,and for once its for the better of the team.Kansas on the other hand could really use a victory this week to get the fans back into believing in Chiefs football.However (And I still can't believe I'm going to say this) I see the Raiders pulling off this victory on the road 24-20,behind an offense and a defense that is on the rise.


GreenBay Packers Vs Cincinnati Bengals.

The Packers,hands down are going to dominate this game from start to finish.The Packers are my pick for the superbowl team from the NFC.Cincinnat...well...they define new ways to lose games.Yes they should have won last week,but,like I said,its Cincinnati,and they find more ways to lose games then most ppl can think of."Ocho cinco" said if he score's,HUGE key word IF hey scores (which he wont) he's goin to try the Lambeau Leap..I dont think the Packer faithful will like that idea too much.On to the final score Greenbay easily defeats the Bengals 38-7.

Detroit Lions Vs Minnesota Vikings.

For all it's worth Detroit fought the good fight last week.They lost by 18 to the Saints.The pros of that game were that with a rookie quarterback,an almost completey new defense,and an impoving team chemistry.The cons,they still lost.The Vikings on the other hand won last weekend,no thanks to Brett Favre.I would look amazing handing the ball off to Adrian Peterson and letting him do what he does best.I honestly feel the Lions can pull this one off at home against the Vikings,I see the score going Detroits way 17-10.


Washington Redskins Vs St Louis Rams.

The Rams are a sinkin ship that seems to sink a little more with every game they play.The only brightspot I see is the running game,but with an O-line thats hardly performing,a defense thats,to put it nicely,a let down,an aging quarterback,and un-motivated recievers,what chance do the Rams really have?The Redskins are a team that totally confuses me,one week they can play great football,and the next week they look like a team thats totally lost.This game will be closer than most people think with the Redskins winning 24-13.


New York Jets Vs New England Patriots.

UPSET ALERT:Yes again this week the Patriots are the subject of my upset alert.I had Buffao beating them last week (and the bills almost made me look good).After the whipping they put on the Texans last week the Jets are going to keep the train rolling against the Patriots.The Patriots had all they could handle last week,and this week the Jets will be too much for the Patriots to handle,and the mighty will fall 24-21,keeping the rookie quarteback-rookie coach combo on a roll.


Atlanta Falcons Vs Carolina Panthers.

Atlanta will cotinue to roll this week,while Carolina will contiue to try and figure out whats wrong with they team they thought was so good.We saw the Panthers gettotally dominated last week against the Eagles last week,and I dont see this week going any better when they play the Falcons.The Panthers will fall this week 28-7 leaving a huge question mark around this team and its players.


Buffalo Bills Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Bills nearly beat the mighty Patriots last week while the Bucs lost to the Cowgirls.The Bucs will have their hands full this week with the Bills no huddle offense and a team that seems to be rallying round one another.The Bucs have all the weapons in place to be a good team but they dont seem to know how to use the weapons they have.This will be a good game until the 4th quarter when the Bucs will be overwhelmed and tired and the Bills will pull away to a 24-14 win.


San Francisco 49ers Vs Seattle Seahawks.

The 49ers pulled off what most called an upset last week when they beat the Arizona Cardinals.Seattle was also winners last week as they beat St.Louis.This is a game that can go either way as both teams seem to be extremely motivated and both are out to prove they shouldnt be looked past this year.However in this battle I feel that the 49ers defense will be too much for the Hawks to over come.the 49ers win 24-13.


San Diego Chargers Vs Baltimore Ravens.

Lucky is the best way to sum up last weeks win for the Chargers.The Ravens on the other hand,had a no doubt type of win against the Chiefs.The Ravens shouldnt have a hard time with the Chargers this week,as the Ravens are stackd on both sides of the ball.Ravens win this one easy 31-7.


Chicago Bears Vs Pittsburgh Steelers.

Everyone seems to think the Steelers not having Polamalu is hurting them,yet even after he got hurt and the steelers needed defensive stops,they still got them.The Bears on the other hand,will notice not having Urlacher when the Steelers roll into town.The defending champs have too many offensive weapons for the Bears struggling defense to keep up with.The Bears faithful are hoping the Cutler will bring this team back to glory.That can happen but thats stilla season or two away from being a reality.The Steelers will show they are returning to championship form with a 28-7 win this weekend,while the Bears willbe left trying to dig out of a 0-2 hole.


Denver Broncos Vs Cleveland Browns

Denver was probably the luckiest team in the league last week (next to the Chargers).The Browns at least showed they have a somewhat improving offense and that the defense is motivated enough to play to the whistle.The Bronco's luck wont carry into this week.I see the Browns pulling off the W 20-13.


Dallas Cowboys Vs New York Giants.

This has the makings to be the best game of the week (depending on how the Dolphins play).This is a game alot of people look foward to seeing and I dont see it disappointing.A very close game that will come down to a late 4th quarter drive to decide this game.The Giants will show ther muscle late in this game and pull off a 28-24 win.


Miami Dolphins Vs Indianapolis Colts.

The Dolphins are coming off a tough loss last week,while the Colts celebrated a very close win.This is the other game that is sure to surprise alot of people.The Dolphins are out to prove last year was not a fluke.The Colts are out to prove last weeks win (and the off season changes) have not made as big a deal as we all think they have.The Dolphins will fight hard and in the end the hard work will pay off with a 17-14 Monday night win.