New Orleans Saints Looking to Return Quickly to Glory in 2008

Jason FouchaAnalyst IMay 27, 2008

Growing up in New Orleans, it was hard not to be a Saints fan, but at the same time, it was VERY HARD to be a Saints fan. Years and years of dissapointment.

We had a few failed attempts  at the playoffs, but we really thought we had a chance in '92 and we lost to the Eagles. Then there was the '93 season, where we started off with revenged on the Eagles. We started 5-0 only to hit a rut called the Steelers.

Life is hard as a Saints fan. I remember being excited when the Saints signed Jeff Blake as their quarterback—that's right, I was excited to have Jeff Blake.

Times were that sad.

We were actually doing good, and then Blake gets hurt. What we thought was the beginning of the end, turned out to be the emergence of a star in Aaron Brooks. And while most fans were excited, I smelled something funny.

For years I claimed that Brooks would screw us up in the end, and, sure enough, I was right. And then came the shining light and savior of New Orleans. DREW BREES. Honestly he is probably the best QB New Orleans has ever had, and with that my hopes were raised again.

With that, the dual running scheme that was working so well, and the emergence of Marques Colston, we truly had an offense that was working for a change. I remember sitting in a Hooters and watching New Orleans destroy Dallas that season, and could have never been prounder (I live in Texas now).

Well last season turned out going 7-9, and it was a disappointment. We were one season removed from the NFC championship, and we couldn't even make the playoffs. Defense and an offense that was only showing up when they wanted to seemed to be the problem.

Also, injuries took out half of the team early in the season, with the low point of handing the Rams their first win of the season...yes it was a sad moment.

Well offseason came and went, and we had a pretty strong defensive uprising. We picked up Jonathan Vilma and Randall Gay among some good depth players. Then we drafted Sedrick Ellis from USC, and things are on the up and up.

With everyone coming back from injuries and the new guys coming in, a difference should be noticed right away.

While I'm not saying we will go straight back to the NFC championship, look for the Saints to win the NFC South, and go marching back into the playoffs.