NFL Draft Big Board: Top Twenty-Five (9/16)

Ian HarrisonCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2009

GAINESVILLE, FL - NOVEMBER 15:  Offensive lineman Jarriel King #76 the South Carolina Gamecocks tries to protect his quarterback Stephen Garcia #5 from defensive end Carlos Dunlap #8 of the Florida Gators at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on November 15, 2008 in Gainesville, Florida.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

Alright, I'll agree perhaps it is a tad early, but I couldn't help myself.  I'll update my big board roughly every month or so, so be sure to tune in and tell me how wrong I am. Before commenting, please factor in that not everyone's team can have the #1 player, and not everyone thinks as highly of a certain player. 

2010 is prime to be the best NFL Draft of all time.  The top ten players could ALL be franchise material players.  If the people we speculate to come out do, then teams who win seven games might inherit great players.

I'll give some analysis to the top ten, as well as a NFL Comparison.  But I am running short on time, so I will just give names for 11-25.  Thanks for reading and please comment.

1. Sam Bradford*

Quarterback, Oklahoma

Sam has been the number one prospect in the nation for two years, and we all know why.  Bradford, at 6'4, has all the materials to be the next Peyton Manning.  Only time will tell how good this kid can be.  Although this upcoming draft had a surplus in potential first-round quarterbacks, Bradford is the obvious stand-out.  Since Bradford is a forth year junior, he still has the possibility to go back to Oklahoma for his senior season, but I can not see the happening.

NFL Comparison - Kurt Warner
2. Carlos Dunlap

Defensive End, Florida

A speedy four-three end, or perhaps a hybrid three-four linebacker that can hit, hard. Dunlap is an elite level prospect.  There is a high chance that Dunlap could go number one, like Mario Williams did not too long ago.  Dunlap is rumored to run a 4.5 forty time, and at 6'6, 260, he has the size to be one of the best.

NFL Comparison - Julius Peppers
3. Ndamukong Suh 

Defensive Tackle, Nebraska

The only thing relevant in Nebraska, in recent years, has been Suh.  Listed as a 6'4, the 300 pound tackle could be the anchor for a defense for years to come.  I believe Suh can play either a 4-3 or a 3-4 without problem.  Defensive tackle is a need amongst many teams, and Suh is at the top of the prospect list, for now.

NFL Comparison - Vince Wilfork
4. Eric Berry

Safety, Tennessee

Eric Berry is only a junior, but it's likely he will make the move to enter the draft.  Berry has been on the national watch-list since his first interception, which happened to be a touchdown against Tim Tebow.  Berry is an elite level prospectand a game-changer, but recent draft history at the safety position, as well as safety not being as highly regarded as other positions, might slip Berry down the board.

NFL Comparison - Ed Reed
5. Russell Okung

Offensive Tackle, Oklahoma State

Okung leads three offensive tackle prospects likely to go in the first half of the first round.  Offensive tackle is such an important position in any form of football.  I wouldn't be surprised to see the Lions pick up one of the top lineman prospects early in next year's draft.  At 6'5, 305 pounds, Okung certainly has the size to be among the elite.

NFL Comparison - Bryant McKinnie
6. Colt McCoy

Quarterback, Texas

Colt McCoy's only downfall is his size.  At 6'2, he isn't quite as tall as NFL Quarterbacks are expected to be.  McCoy is quick in the pocket, and led Texas in rushing his junior season.  McCoy is in-line with Tim Tebow for the Heisman this season, and if he wins it, his draft stock will only rise.   McCoy's accuracy can't match Sam Bradford, but his strength surpasses Sam's.

NFL Comparison - Donovan McNabb
7. Taylor Mays 

Safety, Southern California

The 6'3 Safety is another victim of the strong draft.  If Mays came out in '09, he could have been a top five pick, but it just doesn't seem like that is possible this year.  Mays looks to be a strong-safety in the NFL.  He is quick, and he can hit hard.  Mays draws a lot of comparison to Sean Taylor as far as hitting goes.  Taylor, while he was alive, was one of the best in the league, and probably the most feared hitter.  Mays hopes to duplicate that.

NFL Comparison - Adrian Wilson
8. Dez Bryant*

Wide Receiver, Oklahoma State

Dez Bryant leads this years class of wide-outs.  With Benn, Williams, and Lafell trailing him, he has to know his talent.  Bryant is a 6'3 receiver who projects to be a future number one.  Bryant is only a junior, so it's possible he stays in school.  Bryant could slip a little in the draft, because of the superb talent.

NFL Comparison - Reggie Wayne
9. Gerald McCoy*

Defensive Tackle, Oklahoma

McCoy is a 6'4, 290 pound monster in the middle.  As much as Bradford does for the offense, Gerald McCoy does the same for the Sooner Defense.  Gerald McCoy is nipping on Ndamukong Suh's tail, as he will until draft time.  Both players are high-level prospects, and both have potential to anchor a defense.

NFL Comparison - Shaun Rogers
10. Greg Hardy

Defensive End/Outside Linebacker, Ole Miss

The senior hybrid player is a force.  He is quick, but still strong enough to play either position.  Hardy could fit perfectly in about any system in football.  If a team can't come up with someone definite, Hardy's name will come up.  Hardy will likely be scouted by every team in football.

NFL Comparison - LaMaar Woodley

11. Brandon Spikes
Linebacker, Florida

12. Trent Williams
Tackle, Oklahoma

13. Arrelious Benn*
Wide Receiver, Illinois

14. Jevan Snead*
Quarterback, Ole Miss

15. Jonathan Dwyer*
Running Back, Georgia Tech

16. Jahvid Best*
Running Back, California

17. Jerry Hughes
Defensive End, Texas Christian

18. Damian Williams
Wide Receiver, Southern California

19. Brandon Graham
Defensive End, Michigan

20. Rolondo McClain
Linebacker, Alabama

21. C. J. Spiller
Running Back, Clemson

22. Sean Witherspoon
Linebacker, Missouri

23. Brandon LaFell
Wide Receiver, Louisiana State 

24. Patrick Robinson
Corner Back, Florida State

25. Jimmy Clausen*
Quarterback, Notre Dame


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