SportzHype Boxing's Pound For Pound Rankings

Oliver SuarezContributor IISeptember 16, 2009

LAS VEGAS - DECEMBER 06:  Boxers Shane Mosley (L) and Antonio Margarito (R) pose with promoter/boxer Bernard Hopkins (C) after Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines defeated Oscar De La Hoya during their welterweight fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena December 6, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Margarito and Mosley will meet in a welterweight title match on January 24, 2009.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)


1. Manny Pacquiao: 6 time divisional champion. One of the few fighters in boxing history who has maximized his potential and surpassed all expectations. And now he is set on to face Miguel Cotto on November 14, 2009 in MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

2. Juan Manuel Marquez: 3 time divisional champion. One of the few boxers in the past few years to give Pacquiao all he can handle. Their names will always be synonymous with each other. Once in the shadows of Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera, he has proven to be the best boxer of the three. Probably the best technical boxer today with the exception of Floyd Mayweather.

3. Shane Mosley: Whenever people think that Mosley is done, he always comes back to prove us wrong. After losing to Miguel Cotto, he took a dangerous fight with Margarito and manhandled what once was thought to be a an unstoppable force. If Pacquiao defeats Cotto, then he might be get his chance to fight the pound for pound kings. That's a fight for the ages.

4. Bernard Hopkins: If he remains inactive then he might drop a few spots on the list. But no one can deny his accomplishments. He beat Winky Wright and followed it up with a competitive fight against Calzaghe. Many even thought that Bernard won that fight. He did land most of the effective punches. Then he surprised many experts by dominating Kelly Pavlik.

5. Paul Williams: You may not know him, but Paul Williams is a beast. There is a reason why he has been the most ducked fighter in recent years. He dominated a solid opponent in Winky Wright and beat Antonio Margarito. He offered a rematch to Margarito but the latter turned it down. Now he is set to face Pavlik in what should be an exciting fight. But do not be surprised if Williams dominate Pavlik.

6. Miguel Cotto: A classic example of boxer/puncher combination. He can beat you in many ways. He can box from the outside as well as slug it out inside. He is due to face Pacquiao in November 14 in a fight that many consider him the underdog. But don't be shocked, if this fight turns out to be one of the greatest fight of all time.

7. Ivan Boy Calderon: An excellent technical boxer. He may be the best boxer that no one knows. He may be the only boxer that is on par with Floyd Mayweather as far as technical skills is concerned.

8. Nonito Donaire: A solid boxer with a great left hook. He has a chance to be a multiple divisional champion if he improves his defense and relies less on his physical gifts. But his main problem might be his brittle hands and that might be his downfall as he steps up in weight and competition

9. Chad Dawson: A young and strong champion with solid boxing skills. I wonder why Calzaghe retired without facing this young lion. I truly believed that Chad Dawson would have beaten Calzaghe, if they had fought

10. Juan Manuel Lopez: A special fighter who has the potential to be a multiple divisional champion. He packs a powerful punch to go along with his solid technical skills and fundamentals.