New York Giants: Should the Giants Attempt to Trade for a Star Receiver

Jerry FrasierContributor IApril 2, 2017

Hakeem Nicks went down with an injury in the first game of the season and is now out for two to three weeks. Do the Giants need something more to keep them as one of the best teams in the NFC? All throughout the off season there were talks of trading for Brandon Marshall or Anquan Boldin, and these trades talks may still be lingering.

Even without Nicks the Giants still have a solid receiving corps consisting of Mario Manningham, Steve Smith, Ramses Barden, Sinorice Moss,  Domenik  Hixon, and Derek Hagan. Yet this core is inexperienced and still has fans thinking, do we need an experienced, star receiver to lead this corps?

The Giants could be entering trade talks with either the Denver Broncos for Brandon Marshall or the Arizona Cardinals for Anquan Boldin. Either of these players would be extremely helpful and a great acquisition for the Giants.

Trading for either one of these players would cost the Giants a lot, most likely in draft picks. Anquan Boldin would probably be the better fit for the Giants because he knows how to be a team player, and he has more experience winning in the league. On the other hand Marshall is probably an all around better player, but he can bring a team down. He is looking a lot like the next T.O.

The likeliness that either of these teams is willing to trade these players is very little. As the days go by it becomes more and more unlikely and the price will continue to rise. If either of the deals is going to happen they would have to happen soon or else it would hurt the Giants, who do not want to have to work a receiver into their system any later than that.

Neither the Boldin nor the Marshall trades are likely to happen, although the trades would help the Giants along in their quest for a second Super Bowl in two years.  The Giants are likely to stick with the receivers they have and wait for Nicks to come back to have a complete unit.