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Blue ChipCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2009

C.M. Punk is self righteous, but he is right about more than just Jeff.

Another QUICK and EASY brought to you by Blue.

- C.M. Punk was somewhat forced into the role of a "Heel," by cashing in his "money in the Bank" title opportunity. After Jeff Hardy had completed an arduous match, wrought with foreign objects and length, the music ripped into the arena and left the new hero, inches away from realizing his dream, yet again.

- The crowd gradually turned on Punk, until it became an obvious angle to take advantage of rather than ignore.

- Punk started by committing acts that were back handed and faining an injury to keep a title.

- Soon, Punk began to really begin (what will eventually be a good angle, once it is practiced and  natural.) his self righteous rants of imbibing substances, directed at the audience

- Punk began to take aim at Hardy's exploits, in and out of the ring. From Hardy's lifestyle, to his philosophies, to his sorted past.

-Punk and Hardy put on an absolutely amazing match at Summer Slam.

-  Prior to this match, however, Punk had stood in the ring with Hardy and listed his drug use and mistakes. Hardy stood up for him self and (as Punk put it) was applauding his accomplishment of being sober for one year.

- Hardy leaves the WWE without an explination (that is realistic) and a few days later is caught with copious amounts of illegal substances.

- He told us he would retain at "Breaking Point."

- C.M. Punk is, and always was, Self righteous, but apparently right on the money.

-He is MY choice for MY generation.

--Stop Here, for my "QUICK AND EASY" pledge to hold some Berring.-----------

- Also, that Montreal screw-job was an indicator of a true "Main Eventer." Also, remember when he was only on ECW when it began, and he simply wanted to compete with anyone and everyone? He may not look strong, but he is VERY strong, Physically, he just doesn't even supplement, let alone "Roid" up.

- After being blasted by "Punk," being "Role Model," Hardy deserves this. Also, he is dumb enough not to learn from his mistakes. Also, A person cannot be clean, then start off with THAT quantity of Drugs! He had to be on them while wrestling. (Especially the Coke.) It kinda sickens me to hear a person proclaim, with such conviction, "I have Been Clean and Sober for over 1 year now!"

There is no arguing that he DID put on AMAZING matches.

Thanks for reading.