Lies In The Sand? OU Coaches Shot Straight

Logan RogersCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2009

    It's been said that the Oklahoma coaching staff lied to fans about the offensive line, As if they thought that the line was bad and decided to pull one over on us.

    I dont remember being lied to. Well, let me take back; Couch Wilson did jump out there a bit with the Eldridge comment, none of us really believe that a tight end is better at center than Jon Cooper was. Wilson did say at this time last year when compairing the two. 

    But that is based completely on opinion, and an opinon doesn't constitute lying. Every since pre-season the coaching staff has made it clear that the line wasn't what it should be. Stoops did say that they were starting to come together, but none of the coaching staff has come out and said that the offensive line was where it needed to be.

     I guess I'm the only one that noticed the constant shuffle up front. Or that it seemed to take awhile to get a starting five nailed down for week one.  Why do a few statements, which may or may not have been taken out of context, seem to override the obvious?

    The obvious being that the starting five still is a work in progress. This line has not played as good as expected so far for sure, but if you know about this program and its coaching staff then you understand they will soon.

    Coach patton has made a living off of fixing problems like this. He took small time recruits at a mid major school and turned them into road graters. Is it graters or graders? Well which ever one it is, they were it. If you were a senior offensive lineman at northwestern during James Patton's tenure, you got drafted to play in the NFL.

    Coach Wilson's offense is not going to be completely grasped easily either. These young men get a lot thrown at them in a short time, not to mention having to deal with the animals on the other side of the ball trying to bury them. Though i do have to mention that that's just everyday practice.

     Nobody seems to understand that maybe, just maybe the defensive staff at BYU did a good job at scouting OU. Did Jaime hall, the BYU defensive coordinator, just do his homework? Think he saw a weekness and explioted it? I would venture to say yes. My guess is that coach Patton would agree. Thats why you have to be ready every week, the competition in at this level is brutal.

     The future will tell if they can get it together. The past tells me that they will in impressive fashion. However, whether they do or not, that does not make them liars. With a little more experience who knows, maybe they will show the truth was being told all along.