Will The Money in The Bank Curse Be Broken?

Javier E.Contributor ISeptember 16, 2009

The Money in the Bank Ladder Match. A match where 6 to 8 challengers fight with all their heart in order to climb a ladder and retrieve a briefcase containing a contract for a World/WWE/ECW Championship title shot for whenever and wherever.  This concept was introduced by Chris Jericho back in 2005 just in time for Wrestlemania 21 where the match would make its debut.

After a well fought battle which saw spots by all competiters with the highlights of the match going to Chris Benoit and Shelton Benjamin. In the end it was Edge who was still a rising talent who prevailed and earned the right for a title shot. But the months passed and many people began to wonder when he would finally cash in his title shot for a match against then WWE Champion John Cena. Well after nine months he would finally cash it in a move that shocked many hell even me, Edge cashed his briefcase shortly after a brutal Elimination Chamber match that saw John Cena retain his belt. After a quick flurry of shots and stomps and two vicouse spears on the bloodied Cena Edge had finally realized a dream of becoming WWE Champion. Although he would lose it in only four weeks we a saw a glimps of what it can do for a superstars career and since then Edge has become a nine time champion.

In the second money in the bank, RVD came out victorious and became the 2nd winner of the match. After two months cashed in his Championship title shot but unlike Edge chose to do it mano a mano at One Night Stand which was during the ressurection of ECW. He reigned supreme and like Edge finally became the Champion for the first time in his long career.

Mr.Kennedy would later win the third MITB but was injured and sadly had to relinqush the briefcase to Edge who once again cheapishly cashed in the briefcase on Undertaker who had moments before been attacked by Mark Henry after a Steel Cage Match against Batista.

CM Punk would later become the next winner but shockingly won it TWICE in in a row. On both he cashed it in the Edge traditional way and stole the title from both Edge and Jeff hardy, the latter which started his Heel turn.

Now! Have you noticed something? Yes, almost EVERY single time the MITB winner cashed in his briefcase in a sneak attack. Why? Instead of having the wrestler challenge the Champion face to face, one on one they have them steal the title. I mean I understand Edge because him being one of the top heels at the time it would garner him even more heat then he already had, But why CM Punk? Why not have him grow some balls like RVD who challenged John Cena to match instead of stealing the title. It also causes the titles to lose value with them being taken away from the supposed "CHAMPION OF THE WORLD". The WHC is basically already worthless with amount of title changes theres been. WHY NOT GO FOR THE WWE TITLE? The answer of course if because WWE doesn't want to make their Superman look weak.

I hope the next Money in the Bank winner breaks this curse.