The Weekly Pepper Doubleheader: The Fantasy Untradeables

General PeppersCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2009

NEW ORLEANS - SEPTEMBER 13:  Quarterback Drew Brees #9 of the New Orleans Saints throws a pass against the Detroit Lions at the Louisiana Superdome on September 13, 2009 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

I'll be conducting a fantasy doubleheader this week due to the importance of Week One.

You ever have a group of friends, perhaps seven or eight guys? This is your crew. You guys do everything together: Football games, trips to Vegas, drinking nights, etc.

You consider them all really solid friends but there's a special two or three guys who you are exceptionally tight with.

If there was a best friend draft, these guys would be your running backs. They're dependable, consistent, rarely get sick on big drinking nights, and are just overall the best things to happen to you.

That is what my untradeables list is.

If you were forced to only keep one player and start all over again, and one of these guys isn't on your team, I would advise you to throw your whole team in and start over.

As someone who believes that nearly everyone is tradeable, the exclusions from this list might come off as striking to a few of you.

For instance: Michael Turner is completely tradeable. You hoard him until he has one big week and then you pitch him for two players who's numbers will supercede his own.

My untradeable list consists of guys whose points are irreplaceable or who have the potential to single-handedly win you a fantasy game. With no further ado, I present the untradeables.


1. Drew Brees

Could there have been a more obvious opening pick. No quaterback this year will put up these kind of yards and touchdowns. I usually advise trading QBs after one big week due to the amount of QBs with decent numbers available.

No one is coming close to Brees this year. Their defense is so bad that there will be no running the clock out fourth quarters. Brees can and will be throwing it 40+ times a game and will go for the end zone more times than not.

If you trade Drew Brees you have to know that you've lost, no matter who you get, beause he's the significant No. 1 in his field.


2. Wes Welker/Randy Moss in a PPR league

100 yards and 10 catches. This is what you can expect from both of these men every game. That's 20 points a game not counting touchdowns, and trust me when I say those will be coming as well.

With the youth of the defense, the Patriots will be in the game throughout and will not stop throwing. While the Saints throw it more, they share the wealth with too many players for any of them to be untradeable outside of Brees.


3.Adrian Peterson


There's all the reason you need.

4.Reggie Wayne

I will be writing an article dedicated solely on his fantasy potential tomorrow so I can't give away too much here.

Let me just say that you should do everything in your power to get Reggie Wayne. 15 TDs looks very accomplishable this year.


5.Calvin Johnson

Have you ever dated a girl you hated, but she was so good in bed that you just couldn't break up with her? You guys fought and fought and fought but that only led to more sex and more reasons to stay with her.

That's Calvin Johnson and Matt Stafford. Matt can't do anything correct right now except throw the deep ball. It just so happens that he has the greatest deep ball WR we have ever seen.

The Lions will be losing. The Lions will be throwing. Matt Stafford will be throwing deep. Calvin Johnson will be getting 100 yards and a TD often.

And there you have it. Five guys, no more, no less. With the right package, you can swivel Michael Turner from me in a heartbeat. Tom Brady is tossable if I have a solid backup. Maurice Jones Drew and Matt Forte can take a hike with the right deal.

But if you have one of these five (technically six for Welker/Moss combo) do not release them for any reason what so ever.

Not even if you're in a fantasy league with Kanye West and he's telling you he's sorry but he's got the best player of all time.