13 Teams That Should Be Ranked Ahead of No. 1 Florida

Ryan FliederContributor ISeptember 16, 2009

Those teams, listed in no particular order, are:

Kentucky, Oklahoma, Louisiana-Monroe, Air Force, Texas, Houston, Cincinnati, Arizona State, Vanderbilt, Arkansas State, USC, Notre Dame, and Boston College



Because right now the only thing we know about Florida is that they can blow out extremely weak schools. So the meaningful stats for Florida are as follows:

13.22 times their opponents' score totals
59 points highest score differential
4.5 points allowed per game

There are a few more stats—like total passing yards and total rushing yards—and several more teams, but as I want this to not be 15 pages, we'll just focus on those three stats and the 13 teams listed at the top.

Kentucky has scored INFINITELY MORE points than their opponents...well, their opponent. But how can a team win if their opponent scores infinitely many more points than them? Obvious No. 1 ranking goes to Kentucky.

Oklahoma, Louisiana-Monroe, Air Force, Vanderbilt, Arkansas State, and Notre Dame have all given up points, but only to teams getting votes to be in the top 25.

Florida is obviously showing us that it doesn't matter to win against a decent opponent, but their No. 1 ranking shows us that all that matters is how hard you crush the middle school teams in the area. So, discounting schools that are any kind of good, these schools have also scored INFINITELY MORE points than their opponents, and deserve to be ranked two through seven.

Houston and USC don't have as potent an offense as, say, Louisiana-Monroe because they can't score infinitely more points than opponents that matter (like Texas Southern), but in this list they're the only teams who are 1-0 against teams that don't matter (like Oklahoma State and Ohio State). God knows why these idiotic teams would actually go out of their way to schedule a game that's difficult to win, but they did and luck paid off because they managed to win. So USC and Houston, in their moronic felicity, deserve the number eight and nine spots.

Cincinnati has scored 117 points so far this season, they've given up 18 points, but their largest margin of victory is 67 points! Obviously they've shown that they can win by a larger margin than a Florida team that can only blow out Charleston Southern by a margin of 59 points. Cincinnati grabs No. 10.

Arizona State isn't scoring by larger margins than the other powerhouse teams mentioned above, but this season they are only allowing THREE POINTS PER GAME! They're holding their opponents to a field goal! That means in the games that matter against weak opponent schedule padders, they can win with just two safeties! How do you not love that? Arizona state, No. 11.

Texas has scored a lot, but their defense has given up 30 points. And while Wyoming isn't ranked, the win almost matters because it was AT Wyoming. Plus, Texas starts with a "t," so a No. 12 ranking makes sense, because they won on the road. And that "t" thing. No. 12.

Now, Boston College hasn't won a game on the road, they don't score more points or win by larger margins than the above teams, but thus far this season they've only given up 3.5 points per game—as opposed to Florida's 4.5, which means Florida gives up over 28 percent more points per game!

If Boston College defense gives up less than 80 percent of the points that Florida's defense does, they obviously should get the nod here and take that No. 13 spot.


So, obviously we've got some work to do getting some better rankings out there. I'm just so grateful for college football scheduling and ranking systems that allow the real teams to go out there and schedule easy games against blatantly weaker teams.

Now, we just need to break down that whole "conference" thing, because if Florida is forced to play two or three teams that they won't automatically win, that means they have to play a few games that they have a chance to lose!

Who's willing to take that risk rather than just let the University of Florida schedule games against all the high schools in the state of Florida, and play them at home. Then Florida can get the automatic berth into the national championship that they deserve!