Penguins Getting Schooled: This Is Why You Don't Use The 'D' Word

Spencer CallaghanAnalyst IMay 27, 2008

Just as the early season comparisons of the Ottawa Senators to the 1976–77 Habs after their 15-2 regular season start was a case of the media getting way ahead of itself, we are seeing much the same thing in the Stanley Cup Finals.

After the media and many fans were falling all over themselves using words like "dynasty" and "'80s Oilers" in making comparisons to this year's Pittsburgh Penguins, reality is now sending these predictions plummeting back to Earth.

As last year's Ottawa Senators proved, having a great record heading into the Finals means nothing. What matters is how prepared you are.

While the 2007 Sens had a 12-3 record before their dismantling by the Ducks, the 2008 Pens had a similar 12-2 record before running into the juggernaut that is the Red Wings.

The similarity between the two teams...neither had to face any adversity or challenge on their way to the Finals.

It is for this reason that even the mere uttering of the word dynasty is absolutely ludicrous. Win one Cup; then maybe we can contemplate having that discussion.

Just as the Ottawa Senators sat around the Nation's Capital for 11 days between their Eastern Conference win over the Sabres, soaking in the glory and hearing about how great were, the Penguins had a similar amount of sunshine blown up their skirts by the entire hockey media.

Anyone with a keyboard, camera or microphone was telling them just how wonderful they all were and how they were destined not just for victory, but to be seated alongside the greatest teams of all time.

What reason was there to think the 2008 Penguins were any more destined for dynasty than the 2007 Senators? Crosby? Malkin?

Or was it marketing?

The powers that be at the NHL, CBC, TSN, Vs, Gatorade, RBK, etc. want so bad for Crosby to make them millions of dollars that they eschew all common hockey wisdom in anointing the Penguins the next great dynasty before they had even proven a thing.

The NHL might be able to rig a draft lottery, but they can't stop a highly skilled, veteran team that doesn't need to be told how good it is from dismantling a bunch of kids who are riding an artificial wave of glory.

So unless you are talking about 1980s TV dramas, save the dynasty talk for when someone actually wins something.