WPL Week 2 Match Reports

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WPL Week 2 Match Reports
I have decided to combine all the match reports into one blog post so they are below! Each week I will rotate the posts so each YSC Intern is at the top. Thanks!

Welcome to YSC Intern Phoebe as she debuts with her first coverage of the Berkeley All Blues vs the Twin City Amazons. Phoebe will be covering the All Blues during their WPL season, so look for more articles from her in the coming weeks!

Berkeley All Blues vs Twin City Amazons - Sep 13, 2009 by Phoebe Boone

It was perfect rugby weather on Treasure Island, San Francisco as the Berkeley All Blues stormed to victory over the Twin City Amazons. The game kicked off rather sloppily as both sides fought ferociously for the ball in every breakdown, both turning over the ball after just a few phases of play. But the All Blues soon found their way to the scoreboard in the 10th minute when fly half and Captain Steph Bruce burst through the middle off a scrum for a try under the posts. Two minutes later wing Nathalie Marchino found space up the weak side off a kick-off return. But the Amazons weren’t going to let the All Blues run rampant. Just after the 15 minute mark inside center Sylvia Braaten cut through the All Blues line and juked her way into the try zone. But the All Blues found their rhythm and scored 3 more tries before the end of the half (one from 8-man Blair Groefsema, one from outside center Kelly Griffin, and another from Steph Bruce), bringing the score to 35-7.

The All Blues exploded in the second half, starting off with a pair of forward tries from flanker Phoebe Boone and hooker Lisa ‘Cheeks’ Butts followed by a pair of tries each from wings Nathalie Marchino and Elaine Gardner. Within a minute of getting into the game wing Victoria ‘Vix’ Folayan put 5 on the board, followed by fullback Ashley English. Elaine Gardner completed her hat trick at the 75 minute mark, followed by inside center Ruth Bryson. Phoebe Boone touched down her second try as the last play of the game, making the final score 100-7.

Scoring Report
All Blues 100 – Amazons 7 (35-7 at half)

Tries (1): Braaten
Conversions: Braaten

All Blues
Tries (16): Marchino (3), Gardner (3), Bruce (2), Boone (2), Groefsema, Griffin, Butts, Folayan, English, Bryson.
Conversions: Bruce (6), Bryson (4).

In addition to the few photos available with this match report, Phoebe also took more photos, you can view more here.

YSC Intern Garrett lets us know her perspective of the Twin City Amazons vs Berkeley All Blues game. Thanks Garrett!

Twin City Amazons Fall to Berkeley 100-7
By Garrett Hoffman

Despite a valiant effort on the part of the Twin Cities Amazons, the Berkeley All Blues came out with the victory 100-7 on Sunday. For the first 20 minutes it seemed the teams were evenly matched. Berkeley capitalized off of two mistakes by the Amazons early making the score 12-0. The Amazons quickly answered with a try by Flyhalf Sylvia Braaten. At this point, the Amazons had the energy and the ball. For the next ten minutes, the Amazons held their own against the powerful Berkeley team. Unfortunately, they were debilitated with injuries, losing three key players within the first half. Lock Anna Brown went down within the first five minutes with a rib injury. Lynelle Kuglar sustained a head injury and Veteran Hooker Tonnie Wulff was also taken out of the game.

In the second half, Berkeley took advantage of the young and inexperienced Amazon team, dominating the forwards and breaking through the back line often. In the end, the All Blues racked up a score of 100 to the Amazons’ mere 7. Fortunately, the young Amazon players gained experience in a fast-paced, hard-hitting match and will be better equipped to face the strong and experienced Berkeley team in the future.

Welcome to YSC Intern Jillian as she also covered the NRYC vs Keystone match. She will be our main source of information for the New York team and we are happy to welcome you to YSC!

NYRC vs. Keystone 9/13/09
By: Jillian Brooks

Despite what the songs might tell us, Sunday is the new rugby day. Upon entering the pitch, New York’s home field, you could sense the excitement in the air. Excitement mixed with soccer mom yells and whistle blows on adjacent fields. Both teams took the pitch with a type of anticipation reserved for a day like this, ones of perfect weather and brilliant conditions.

The game was quickly under way with Keystone scoring the first points on the board, a try scored in the deep right corner. Never a team to leave things unanswered, New York followed back quickly with a try of their own. This back and forth scoring went on for most of the first half. Along with penalties that added a man up advantage to each side during the course of the game. Upon entering the second half it was clear that New York was a bit fed up. Recoiling from penalties and adjusting their game, New York went on to score several more times, ending the game in a 39-17 victory over Keystone.

The change in New York poise was evident from the Beantown game of the week prior. And although, the side agrees there is much work to be done, the two weeks until the next NY match will prove to be the perfect time to work out the kinks.

New York’s next match is scheduled for September 27th against the Furies on their turf.

Vanesha McGee (3)
Jenna Flateman (1)
Tyshawn Henry (2)

Hedwig Aerts (3)

Penalty Kicks:
Hewig Aerts (1)

YSC Ashley played in the Keystone vs New York

match in New York and was kind enough to write this match report.

Keystone vs New York - Sep 13, 2009
By: Ashley Nesby

On a day that was seemingly unseasonably warm, Keystone and New York had taken to the field to undoubtedly heat things up much more than the little ole sun could ever do. Neither team disappointed. Usually you hear of games being a tale of two halves, in this case it was more like a tale of quarters. For the first quarter, Keystone dominated possession and was able to play in New York’s end. Their march down the field was aided by NY’s repeated off-side infringements which eventually resulted in a sin bin.

Both teams knew coming in that this match would be one of the more physical tests they would have to face and neither backed down from the challenge. Defensive stances from both were solid. However, the experienced and skillful players that both bring to this game were able to find holes and even create holes which allowed both teams to put up a quick try each.

The second two quarters were owned by NY. They were able to find out what the referee was allowing and adjust their play to limit the amount of penalties they previously had. Keystone hadn’t done as good of a job with this and began to be penalized heavily. NY took advantage of all the ground they were being given and Keystone playing on their heels and scored numerous unanswered tries.

Keystone didn’t let up and was able to both stop the NY offense and score two more tries of their own. During the last quarter, Keystone’s defensive line showed great poise and was able to both contain and stop any go forward from the NY offense.

While the score doesn’t reflect the even play of the match, Keystone will no doubt be working to correct any and all errors that played part in this loss. Next up: Keystone vs. Beantown in Philly on September 27.

Lauren Rosso
Jen Sinkler
Devin Keller

Ines Rodriduez

Thank you to Anna as she noticed that we don't have a match report for the ORSU vs Valkyries game this weekend and she was kind enough to share this writeup:

Hi Wendy,

I write the match reports for the ORSU website and I thought I would share this weekend's, since no one has reported on it yet on YSC. Feel free to edit as you see fit!

ORSU Women Fall to Valkyries
By Anna Symonds

September 13, 2009 -- The visiting Minnesota Valkyries came away with the win at ORSU's home ground this weekend, 33 to 12. The Valkyries came out strong, powering in two quick tries and capitalizing on mistakes by a lackluster ORSU defense. ORSU missed crucial opportunities on offense and the Valkyries continued to exploit ORSU errors to score two more unanswered tries by the end of the first half, including a dramatic intercept try. With all conversions good, the halftime score was Valkyries 28, ORSU zero. However, ORSU's substitutions and adjustments at halftime made a difference. ORSU came out with a renewed fire and scored a try and conversion off a big run up the middle. Play became very physical and intense, with the Valkyries eventually scoring another 5 points off a lineout play at the ORSU 22, but missing the conversion. ORSU continued to pressure, displaying increased ball possession and offensive threat. After a number of quick rucking phases, ORSU again tore through the middle to score under the posts, however the conversion was no good. ORSU will next face the Berkeley All-Blues at home on Sunday, September 27.

Final Score
ORSU 12 Valkyries 33

Valkyries Defeat ORSU 33-12 in Portland
By: Jenny Menke

In the first away game of the season, the Minnesota Valkyries met ORSU at The Farm, closing out the match with a solid 33-12 victory over the Jesters. After a difficult week of training, marked by miscommunication and disconnect, the Valkyries came together on Sunday, able to reinforce each other in a true team win. Both forwards and backs supported each other throughout the game, reassuring players that the game plan was working and that the Valkyries had the talent to come out on top.

Twenty-eight seconds into the match, outside center Christy Ringgenberg found the holes in ORSU’s back line and ran the ball in for a try. Fullback Dez Markovich successfully converted the kick to bring the score to 7-0 and the teams back to the 50-meter line. Minutes later, with assistance from Kristy Lear and Kristin Zdanczewicz, Markovich scored her own try, again making the conversion and bringing the lead to 14-0. Finishing out the half were tries from number eight Angie Heifort and wing Tracy Call. Markovich again converted both tries, ending the half with a score of 28-0 and the Valkyries on top.

ORSU came out forcefully in the second half, pressuring the Valkyries into defending their own try-line and breaking through the defensive wall for a try at 43:45. A successful conversion brought the Jesters into the game, but the Valkyries would not let the score go unanswered. After a penetrating run by flanker Gabe Fidelman, Tracy Call finished the effort with another five-point score. A missed conversion settled the points at 33-7 and led to a number of battles at the breakdown. Making a try-saving tackle just before the line, Call again showed her speed and tenacity at the 74 minute mark. ORSU’s 12 was able to finish the drive, however, adding another five points, and ending the game 33-12.

The Minnesota Valkyries scrimmage the University of Minnesota on the 19th of September and prepare to take on their home-town rivals, the Twin Cities Amazons on Sunday, September 27. In WPL standings, the Valkyries gain five points, tying the Amazons for second place in the Red Conference.

Valkyries Roster
1. Libby Berg
2. Laura Gill
3. Jen Triemstra
4. Garnet Towne
5. Sarah Walsh
6. Sarah Chobot
7. Kristin Zdanczewicz
8. Angie Heifort
9. Katy Hertel
10. Mel Kanuk
11. Tracy Call
12. Kristy Lear
13. Christy Ringgenberg
14. Sarah Reuter
15. Dez Markovich
16. Gabe Fidelman (for 6 at half)
17. Lauren Felton (bloodsub for 15 at 65; 15 returns at 72. Bloodsub for 10 at 73)
18. Meredith Mrachek (for 2 at 51:30)
19. Jenny Menke (for 8 at half)
20. Sarah Roehl (for 5 at 79)

DC Furies vs Beantown
by Becca Fritz

After a very rainy Saturday, Sunday turned out to be perfect rugby-playing weather. Amidst the annual Beantown Collegiate tournament, Beantown took on the DC Furies with a crowd of seventeen college teams surrounding the pitch. It was both teams' second WPL match of the season.

From the first kickoff, Beantown took charge of the game and quickly pushed the Furies into their own twenty-two - a place where they stayed for most of the eighty minutes. The Furies however, were relentless - never backing down. One onlooker said of their perseverance " they came back to every kickoff with a vengeance, unfortunately, I think they had to work some things out".

In the second half though, DC found a gap left in Beantown's defense and snuck through for a weak-side try. That try and it's conversion were their only points of the game. Beantown took advantage of breaks in DC's defensive line and continued to score every few minutes, tallying up a total of seventy-five points, overall.

After the game I talked to Richard Ashfield, Beantown's backs coach and asked for his feelings about the game; He said "It was good to see the things we had worked on during the week and the adjustments we made to be put into practice in the game. Overall, I'm happy with the way we played today".

Beantown will meet Keystone for their first away game on September 27th.

Amy Daniels (3)
Katie Dowty (2)
Emilie Bydwell (2)
Mel Denham
Liz Terry
Katy Augusten
Kelly Seary
Yancy Graf
Jamie Howard

Emily Jones (3)
Ashely Snyder (2)

Nick Ricono

Final Score:
Beantown 75 DC Furies 7

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