Joe's 411: B/R Pro-Wrestling News Special Edition

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIISeptember 16, 2009

Welcome to a special edition of Joe's 411: B/R Pro-Wrestling News. I saw that there was a ton of news out there, and I couldn't write a ton of articles cluttering up B/R to be fair to others, so, I decided to do the 411 instead.


The Reason Batista is Heading to SmackDown

Many people were surprised that Batista announced he was going back to SmackDown; however, to the people who know his past, it makes sense. He could possibly retire in the spring when his contract ends, as he has been saying off and on in interviews.

The RAW schedule is very difficult; it is the toughest of all the shows in fact. SmackDown's schedule is not as tough, and that means Batista won't have it as rough on his body.

According to people internally, he was said to have made a deal with the WWE that he would come back early and go to SmackDown if he only had to wrestle one or two house shows a week along with the TV spots on SmackDown and the PPVs (which are only once a month).

It could just be for the first few months he is back, but I'm not too sure how long it would go.

They agreed, because they really do need him there. SmackDown lacks a top face because of Jeff Hardy's departure. It also seems that the Undertaker is significantly slower than he was before he left, and that was while he was hurting more.

Those internally are saying that Taker looks to be in pain, and think he came back too early.

It is believed he will need hip surgery at some point, and they hope with Batista's limited house show schedule that he won't get injured as easily as he did on RAW with its strenuous schedule.

Batista needs to be the top face there, and they think he could put on a good program with CM Punk.

I wonder what kinds of things Punk will say with Batista, does anyone see the word "steroids" coming into play? I would love to see him mention something regarding it.


TNA Fires BG James and Jim Cornette

Many people saw this coming, but were kind of skeptical. With all of the crap going on with Jeff Jarrett coming into play, many thought those close to him would soon be gone.

BG James is one of Jarrett's closest friends, and had a secure job in TNA as long as Jarrett was there.

Jim Cornette fell into the same category. Cornette was also good friends with Jarrett, but once we saw Mick Foley make his way to TNA, Cornette's on-air role decreased big time, and we haven't seen him on TV in some time.

They actually had him producing in the truck and working with the younger talent, which I believe is a great role for him. There is news coming out now that he butted heads with the "Wrestling Killer" Vince Russo in recent weeks.

This could be the reason for the firing, as they saw it "getting worse". No, lets not fire the guy who is about to kill two companies, let's fire Cornette who is far better at what he does than what Russo is at his job. All I have to say is, The Finger Poke of Doom, people.


WWE Releases a Ton of Talent

This may be old news for some, as some of these men have been released for a few days, but now there is another release. It is also a bit puzzling too, because I found him as a great talent.

Espiral, better known as Sicodelico Jr. for you Mexican Wrestling fans, was released by the WWE. He had been in developmental for a short while before the WWE pulled the plug.

As I mentioned, he was a great talent in my eyes, but there are some saying that he was not believed to be as good as Dos Caras Jr., who just arrived in FCW a few months back.

And the WWE released him because he would look weak compared to other luchadors we have seen or will see in the WWE. They also had nothing they could do creative wise with him, as he was not good enough at English to be great on the mic.

Of course, we do realize Caras has far more training, right? He is a former CMLL World Heavyweight Champion, for crying out loud! Of course he is going to be better.

Caras is not wonderful at English to be great on the mic, either. I found that rumor puzzling to say the least.

He joins Kris Logan, Aiden Frost, Troy Jackman, and Fletcher Chase as recently released talent from the developmental program. No one has been released from a main roster in a while now. I think we will be due soon.


Angelina Love Update

There was a rumor that she would be in Canada for RAW, Monday. However, this was proven false when she went to Florida for her birthday on the same weekend and was also there on Monday.

One would have to wonder how she was able to be back in America if her Visa issues are not solved. Also, she is rumored to be wrestling in America soon! Not in TNA or the WWE, but for the Indy scene.

If she was cleared to wrestle in America, she would be able to go back to TNA, yet there is no word on that.

TNA was hoping this would taken care of by the No Surrender PPV this Sunday, and if she is able to wrestle at these events in America, she would of course be able to go back to TNA, right?

I would think so, because she can't wrestle even in the Indy scene without a visa of some sort.

If she was having visa issues, she would be banned from America until they were solved, so obviously there has to be some sort of agreement that was reached between the US government and Love.

I say we could see her back in TNA by next month, that is, if she wants to go back. They kind of screwed her over before, so I wouldn't put it past her to go to Mexico in the AAA or CMLL promotion or possibly go to the WWE.

She would make more in both places than she would in TNA.


Linda McMahon has Officially Stepped Down from the WWE

Many of us saw this coming. Linda McMahon (Vince's wife) is now officially thrown her hat into the ring and will now run for the United States Senate. She of course needs to focus on that, so she officially stepped down as CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment.

McMahon has also launched her campaign website, which includes information on why she's running and which issues are important to know, the "kiss the babies and say all the right things so you can get elected" stuff.

You can visit to see everything you need to know.

I am sure Vince is happy for Linda, but I am pretty sure he can't wait to say "I wish you the best in your future endeavors."


The Great Khali Gone from SmackDown Indefinitely

As many know, the Great Khali has had numerous knee issues. He needs surgery, and will finally get it. SPOILER ALERT: The WWE is doing an injury angle for Khali to leave the show Friday.

They taped SmackDown Tuesday in Canada, and the show looks to be good according to those who attended. The show will have Kane attack Khali because of him not getting enough of him at Breaking Point.

The injury will be caused by Kane hitting Khali's head with the ring bell, then hit his leg with the metal steps, which will keep him out for a while realistically. 

Many are not sure when he will be back, as the surgery recovery is different for everyone.

Hopefully he will be okay, and will move better when he gets back. One thing that people have hated about him is how slow he was in the ring.

So, it would be nice to finally see him move like Kane or The Big Show who are around the same size he is.


Lilian Garcia's RAW Mistake

If you saw RAW Monday Night, then you heard Lilian Garcia make a mistake when announcing the Number One Contenders match for the Diva's Championship. The match was announced as a triple threat, but ended up being just a singles match.

I was puzzled when I was watching it myself, and I thought things went wrong in the back or something where the other woman couldn't make it out. However, that was not the case.

Here is what Lilian had to say about it via Twitter:

"Was told that it was going to be a Triple Threat match so that is what I announced. That's Live TV for ya. Only doing my job," Garcia wrote. "Cause I got told by the ref in the ring after my announcement that it was a singles match. Things not always what they seem." 

There has been times where the WWE will make talent look bad when they know they are leaving, and while that may be the case, as of early in the afternoon Monday, the WWE had plans for the Divas match to be a Triple Threat Match.

So, they may have forgotten to change the cards they gave Garcia.

Also, that would be massively unprofessional of the WWE to make Lilian look bad intentionally after her years of service to the WWE.

It is unsure who the other Diva was, but many think it was Beth Phoenix. See, Beth took on Trish Stratus in what turned into being a 6 man tag match with her and Chris Jericho and The Big Show vs Trish, MVP, and Mark Henry.

It was said to be a last-minute decision from what websites are saying, so if that is the case, Beth was probably in that triple threat match but was cut out of it to be the female opponent in the six-man tag match.

That is just my personal opinion on it, but I bet that is what happened.

In any case, the WWE needs to make sure to update everyone involved when there is a change, especially announcers.


That is all for this special edition of the 411, hope all of you are caught up!




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