Stuck In a Wasteland: Talent Fading Away; Can They Find a Way Out?

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIISeptember 16, 2009

Stuck in a waste land and can’t be found…Fading away as time fly’s by, hard work tarnished and talent looming away…With one question in mind when will it be my time to be the ace of spades?

Wrestling has and will continue to have a ton of talent that can perform at an amazing level of athletic ability. Some don’t have those abilities to fly through the air and do maneuvers like their fellow co-workers but still bust themselves to be big contributors to their company.

Some get the chance to be the big dog while other hard workers are wasted doing pathetic chores if you just want to put it that way.

Speaking of pathetic chores how would you feel if you knew, and others knew, that you could perform at a high level of ability but are stuck babysitting a so-called leprechaun named Hornswoggle?

That would completely suck to be honest. It’s just foolish how they have Chavo wasting away his talent with a task of embarrassing himself with the likes of Hornswoggle.

You would think that the respect his uncle had with fellow employers that Chavo would have had a better position than what he is in now.

But it’s not just Chavo; there are a field of wrestlers who are not being utilized correctly or even being respected; to say the least.

Which is a shame. If you’re trying to build stars why would you waste talent that is sitting on the side?

If you sign a wrestler you should make sure they have the right talents to succeed in this business or enough talent so they can build up to be a great talent.

Why would a company sign a talent if they don’t see true potential in them?

This leaves some wrestlers at a standstill with nothing to do but simply watch their talents fade away.

That just leaves some fans dumbfounded…Stars who bust there ass should not be left on the side to be stuck in the wasteland to waste away.

As I've discussed in a past article, we the fans truly appreciate the artform that is displayed in the ring…Now if a wrestler holds those talents to entertain us fans shouldn’t they be the ones to be a top of the food chain?

It makes no sense what does it honestly take to be a big dog in the Pro Wrestling ring? What are the upper powers looking for when they grade or decide if a wrestler is ready to be that top person?

Whatever it is it seems out of place if you ask some.

Now let’s take a look at the talent that seems to be struggling to get to the top in their respected companies…Or have almost reached the top and were abruptly pushed down to the grown to taste the bitter sweet taste of dirt of the sports & entertainment business.


Chavo Guerrero was sitting pretty when his aunt Vickie was still employed by the WWE before stepping down to be with her family.

Ever since then many have seen Chavo being basically put through punishment. Is it because Vickie left or he just lacks the credentials to be a active star in the WWE?

Okay Chavo has gone past his prime time days to be a main event star but it’s just pathetic what the WWE has been doing with him.

Chavo holds talent that a lot of guys who are at top or have been at top can’t match (Batista).

Personally I would like to see Chavo get a chance at a gold strap more than Batista…Batista to me is just awful television.

But why does Batista get this epic chance to be a main eventer? Well it's simple; it's his size.

There is no secret that Vince has always loved and always will love the bigger guys to be the top guy.

This was even brought up during the steroid allegations back in the early 90’s…But these are new times fans want to see new things and explore a new world of wrestling.

This is why the smaller guys should get the chance to be that guy…If you take a look at Smackdown that is the movement it would seem now.

With guys like CM Punk and Jeff Hardy reaction that high rank and with fellow inspiring talented wrestlers looking to be on their way to the top as well (John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler).

But to get back to Chavo, as we drifted off for a second, he (Chavo) has awesome ring skills. There is no doubt, too, that Chavo can lay down some good mic work as well. Shouldn’t this be good enough for a push?

Why not give the guys who bust themselves for all these years for the company, with nothing to show for it, an ultimate chance?

It would seem Chavo’s chances have run their course and the position he is now in is where he is going to stay with the rest of his days, months, and years with the company.


Now, I have some mixed feelings on Kane, but there is no doubt that Kane gives a lot to the company with a hard work ethic.

Kane is a big guy now but doesn’t really amaze the fan eye when it comes to in ring matches. But still, he is a big guy and has a hard work ethic so why not give him a shot?

Like Chavo I think Kane has passed his chance as well and is to be a building block now for the younger generation.

Well if he is going to be a building block why the hell is he working with Khali? Man when these two are in the ring it hurts my eyes this is one match up I probably won’t appreciate.

To stray away again from the current topic (Kane) I have a question to ask…Why is Khali still under contract with the WWE?

It makes no sense to me when you keep a guy like Khali around and let a hard-working wrestler go who you simply couldn’t think up something for him to do because maybe your creative team is not so creative.

But to get back on point, if you really think about it, Kane really never had a mainstream run… He did beat Austin at the 98 King of the Ring in a first bloodmatch, as Undertaker mistakenly hit Austin with a chair to give Kane the win.

But Kane would lose the belt the next night on Monday Night Raw… What was the point of giving him the belt? To say he had it one night?

Other than that Kane did have a program with Triple H but it wasn't that great of a feud.

It seems the only time Kane is really needed, or seems to be at his best according to WWE is when he feuds with the Undertaker.

Kane has even stated if it wasn’t for the Undertaker he wouldn’t be under contract with the WWE to this day.

Although there are not a lot of Kane lovers, or fans, or whatever you want to call it, everyone must admit he makes some interesting matchups and could help build up talent.

But for now he is playing 'hit Khali with a stick'.

Now let’s take a look at what I like to call the trifecta of wasteland…


Now these three have received a push and were pushed back down their careers are simply a rollercoaster.

These three men are Matt Hardy, Charlie Haas, and Shelton Benjamin.

All three have potential. You have to admit that even if you don’t really care for them…All three men have busted themselves to give great matches that we all appreciate and respect them for doing so.

Charlie Haas seems to have the most problems, as WWE simply has no ideas for him. As if it isn’t obvious already…They even went to the point of having him doing other peoples persona’s or gimmick.

Very original WWE bravo, or how bout brav-no… It is easy WWE Haas has the in-ring ability and decent mic work now just let him loose with some attitude and we could see sparks.

If it was only that easy we all know it’s not that simple to build a star but if they have talent then use it simple as that and then everything else will fall in place like a puzzle.

The same goes for Benjamin and Hardy these two could feel voids that Smackdown needs but guess who they bring back to Smackdown… Batista it would have been a better option to bring back a true talent like Benjamin but oh well whatever floats your boat WWE.

In a past article of mine I went through the Curious Case of Shelton Benjamin.

Shelton does have a strange case when it comes to his time in the WWE one minute you see him almost reaching to the top and then boom he hits rock bottom.

Why is he back on ECW to progress again…? I like to see ECW as a builder for superstars so that’s why I enjoy it but when you see Benjamin being flooded down back to the so-called land of extreme it makes no sense.

The main point is like stated so many times before if you have talent use it and use it well.

WWE the clock is running and your top guys aren’t getting any younger and there comes a time when fans simply get bored of the fellow stars.

Although we (fans) do appreciate the greatness displayed in the ring, we at least want to see the right guys at top or at least a mix up.

How many times are we going to see the title passed around between Orton-Cena-Triple H?

Enough is enough it’s time to step up your game.


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