Freestyle Hump Day...A Franklin/Belfort Analysis

Ryan BarnhartContributor ISeptember 16, 2009

**So I decided to do this analysis as if I was the white, mma blogging version of Lil' Wayne...I even wrote 16 bars about this Saturday’s main event in Dallas...and it was horrendous...thus no recording contract yet. 

So here is my attempt at freestyling a fight in true mixtape fashion, shoutouts to cagepotato), sherdog, of course BR, and I’m going in...**


Rich “Ace” Franklin cranks things out in his bid to capture the not so coveted undisputed Catchweight Champion of the Universe (which can only be contested by Nick Diaz) against Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort this Saturday in Dallas, Texas at UFC 103. 

This 195-pound catchweight matchup will not settle anything for anyone really, although if Belfort wins maybe we get to see a Hendo/Belfort rematch to see who gets to lose to Anderson Silva sometime before he stops almost getting punched in the face (sorry Forrest). 

Franklin is coming off what is officially an unanimous decision over Wanderlei Silva (whom Belfort ktfo’ed), though many (yours truly included) think that the fight could have went either way (I scored it 29-28 Wandy).

Before that he lost a split decision to an older Dan Henderson, who also holds a win over Vitor Belfort, albeit a longer time ago when Dan Henderson was less “too old for this sh*t”.   

Franklin brings some underrated Jorge Gurgel jiu-jitsu, good kickboxing, and Anderson Silva-improved Muay Thai to the cage.  In his last several fights where he wasn’t completely curbstomped by a Brazilian fighting machine, Franklin showed his willingness to stand, bang, and show off his improved stand up. 

This may spell trouble for Pride of Cincinnati (because it is certainly not the Bengals). 

Vitor Belfort has seemed to be reborn as a fighter as of late.  A change in weight class has seemed to rejuvenate his career which had slid off from his phenomenal initial run in the sport where he pretty much waxed on and off that ass. 

And he’s doing it again.  Go to right now and check out their nine-knockout video post of the recent destruction Vitor has caused (go ahead, I dare ya). 

Screw that, just watch the first video.  He gives Matt Lindland what the American Psychological Association has clinically termed a “near-death experience.” Thankfully, Matt Lindland’s corners were able to bring him back from the light. 

On top of Belfort’s renewed efforts to be Brazil’s number one face crusher, he is also taking Machida-do karate, the preferred fighting style of 21st century uber-killers.  

Couple that with Rich Franklin’s penchant for getting completely dominated by Brazilians/awkward techniques, and come Saturday I see cagepotato updating it’s “Vitor Belfort KO’s of Death” highlight reel.   

Either way, there will be plenty o’ fistic friction and hands, legs and someone’s head are gonna fly, and probably someone is going to try to smoke Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan’s secret stash.  

So Joe and Eddie keep that stuff safe and entrust it with Bruce Buffer.  He’ll guard it like the legend of the Buffer 360.  Oh and to finish my freestyle...I’m your favorite blogger’s favorite blogger...Peace!