Week Three: College Football Predictions

Sean CallahanCorrespondent IJune 26, 2016

This week is revenge week in College Football. Miami is trying to get back at Georgia Tech after last year's butt whooping. Florida (Meyer in particular) wants a piece of Lane Kiffin after his personal attacks. Texas wants to even the score vs. Texas Tech after that incredible game last year in Lubbuck that took away the Longhorns' chances at a BCS title game appearance.

While those three games will certainly draw a large viewing audience, there are some other teams with revenge in mind. Oregon State was completely embarrassed the last time they meet Cincinnati. But now Cincy comes to their house, and they want to repay them. Auburn is looking to beat WVU this year after losing last year and gain some national credibility. Let's not forget about Michigan State vs. Notre Dame either, a lot is on the line in that Big Ten/ Independents clash.

Anyway, on with the predictions on the week's top games:


Here are my predictions for week three


Georgia Tech at Miami(FL) - This game is a great start to the third week of football. These two teams are both former powerhouses looking for their way back to the top. Georgia Tech dominated Miami last year, but this Miami team is better. While Miami had a few blown coverages vs. Florida State, Georgia Tech is not really a passing threat. I see Miami's defensive speed being enough to win this game over the Yellow Jackets.

Miami - 27    Georgia Tech - 21


California at Minnesota - While Cal has had trouble in the past travelling across the country, I think this Cal team is the best team the Bears have fielded since the '50s. Minnesota struggled last week verse Air Force, and Cal is a much better team. Expect a close game at first, but this game will be over by the end of the third quarter.

Cal - 38     Minnesota - 13

East Carolina at North Carolina - North Carolina somehow moved down five spots in the polls after WINNING at Connecticut. East Carolina is known for upsets, especially last year with wins over both Virginia Tech and West Virginia. This is a very good coaching battle, as that crazy Irish fan's son faces off against Butch Davis. I want to pick the upset here but I just can't; I think North Carolina's defense is just too good and they pull it out at home.

North Carolina - 23    East Carolina - 16


Tennessee at Florida - No rivalry received more attention this offseason than the Florida/Tennessee game. This matchup has two of the best defenses in the country and two of the best defensive players in the game: Brandon Spikes and Eric Berry.

Lane Kiffin told us all he was excited to sing rocky top after beating the Gators, but I just can't see that happening. The big question is not if Florida will win, it is what will Meyer do?

Remember what happened a year after the Georgia celebration? A few extra time outs just to let the beat down soak in. Remember Miami, when Meyer called a pass play with less than 40 seconds left with the win surely at hand? Let's hope it is good.

Florida - 35   Tennessee - 6


USC at Washington - Washington has looked far better this year than last, while USC has not impressed me all that much. Yes USC went to Ohio State and won, but the game was not pretty, and it honestly neither looked like top 10 teams.

We all know the story with USC; win the big games, but lose to someone who shouldn't even score on the Trojans. I don't like this game for USC, mobile QB, back from a huge victory, and Washington is not an easy place to play. I'm going big time upset here, and another top 10 team will fall.

Washington - 27  USC - 26

Nebraska at Virgina Tech - I am still trying to figure out why Gameday didn't choose to go to this game, but I guess they wanted to visit the Big 12 one more time before all their top teams fall.

Anyway, this game should be very low scoring. Both teams are still figuring out their offenses but have very good defenses. Bo Pelini and Frank Beamer are known for their excellence on the defensive side of the ball. Home Field is the factor in this "game of the week".

Virginia Tech - 17  Nebraska - 13


Cincinnati at Oregon State - Last time these two met, it was not very even. Cincinnati simply crushed Oregon State. This time however, they aren't in Cincy. Cincinnati has been by far the most impressive team to me in the first two weeks.

Oregon State is one of the best in the Pac-10. Cincinnati though, has a better all around team. That will be enough to beat Oregon State, even with their very explosive offense.

Cincinnati - 35   Oregon State - 27

Florida State @ Brigham Young - This could be a barn burner for sure. I expect a high scoring game here. BYU has a better defense than FSU, but Florida State is in desperate need of a win.

Surprisingly, the Seminoles are only six-point underdogs, but maybe Vegas sees something.

I don't see any reason the Noles should win this game right now, based on the first two weeks...yet I just have a weird feeling they win this one, and actually do it convincingly.

Florida State - 24   BYU - 13


Georgia at Arkansas - This game should be one worth watching. Georgia has a lot of questions on the offensive side of the ball; while Arkansas has many questions on the defensive side.  Now, switch it around. Arkansas has a good offense, and Georgia has a good defense. This one is really a toss up because we don't know enough about Ryan Mallet or Arkansas yet, but we do know Georgia is in for a long year. Expect Arkansas to win this game, call it an upset if you'd like.

Arkansas - 35   Georgia - 31

West Virginia at Auburn - As of late, the Big East has beaten the SEC in most of the regular season matchups. Auburn coming off a very pathetic 5-7 season, WVU is coming off a disappointing 9-4 season, and the loss of the best QB in the school's history.

Auburn looks a lot better on the offensive side of the ball, but they haven't exactly faced a great defense. West Virginia I have not seen play yet, but I have seen scoring scrolls, and I really wasn't all that impressed. Auburn wins this one at home and gets back in the top 25 poll.

Auburn - 24   West Virginia - 20


Texas Tech at Texas - Mack Brown remembers last year, Jordan Shipley remembers last year, and Colt McCoy certainly remembers it too. One problem for Tech, this is on the road (where they are HORRID), and there is no more Harrell or Crabtree.

This game could have a lot of points, but Texas is just too darn good...Don't let the Wyoming game trick you, this is a top three team, and they will prove it this week.

Texas - 45    Texas Tech - 17


Michigan State at Notre Dame - This is a huge game for Notre Dame. Coming off a disappointing loss to hated Michigan, the Irish need a big win here.

The Spartans have caused the Fighting Irish problems lately, and Notre Dame fans want that to end now. This game is the biggest game of Charlie Weis's career in my mind. He loses this, and he can basically kiss his job good-bye. He wins this, and he is back on track for the expected BCS invite.

Sorry Weis, but if I have learned anything from you, it is that you absolutely suck at coaching in big games...you lose again.

Michigan State - 31  Notre Dame - 23





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