Miguel Cotto: The Facts Vs The Myths

Oliver SuarezContributor IISeptember 16, 2009

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - SEPTEMBER 14:  Miguel Cotto listens as other speakers talk during the press conference at the Beverly Hills Hotel on September 14, 2009 in Beverly Hills, California.  (Photo by Jacob de Golish/Getty Images)

Myth: Miguel Cotto is mentally crippled since his loss to Antonio Margarito

Fact: Miguel Cotto lives and breathes boxing. He knows what can happen in the ring and that includes losing. Also, the recent suspension of Margarito for having a ‘plaster’ like substance in his hands diminishes any effects on that loss. Cotto is also one of the most focused and mentally strong boxers today.

There have been many times in his previous fights where he faced adversities and was able to overcome them. In the fight against Ricardo Torres, he survived a knockdown to score a 7th round TKO.  Even in the faced of pressure and non-stop assault from Margarito, it was his body and not his mind that gave out. But the most revealing evidence that his state of mind is completely healthy is the way he has continued on to face the best opponents available. A fighter, who is mentally damage and lacking confident, would not face Clottey, who is one of the more underrated boxers today and sign to fight the pound4pound king Manny Pacquiao.

Myth: Miguel Cotto is washed up and not the same fighter after the Margarito loss.

Fact: What is a definition of a washed up fighter? To me, it’s a boxer who cannot dominate journeyman fighters and can no longer be competitive with the elite of the division. So far, Cotto has not met the conditions I mentioned above. In his previous fight against Jennings, who is a solid journeyman fighter, he handled his business and was dominant. In his last fight against Clottey, he scored a knockdown and overcame a severe cut near his eye to obtain a unanimous decision.

People say that Cotto did not look good against Clottey. How many people have look good against Clottey? In history of boxing, there is always a fighter who is not considered elite, but has enough skill, determination and focus to give anyone a challenge. Today, Clottey just happens to be one of those fighters. Even, Margarito had a tough time against an injured Clottey.

I think people also underestimate the level of opponents that Cotto has faced in the past couple of years. With the exception of Jennings, Cotto has faced nothing but the best in that time span. It is not easy to look good when you are facing the elite of the division. Imagine if Mayweather faced the same opponents that Cotto has in the past couple of years. Would he still be the same fighter? Would he still be undefeated?

Myth: Miguel Cotto is too slow for Pacquiao and will be a human punching bag.

Fact: Miguel Cotto has deceptive speed and has been successful against fighters who were considered much faster than him. During his fight against Mosley, there were occasions, where he seemed to be the faster man. He was also able to nullify Mosley’s advantage in speed with his excellent timing, accuracy and counterpunching.

People forget how versatile a boxer Cotto is. In the fight against Mosley, he was successful in fighting Mosley from the outside as well as the inside. He can also fight going backwards or forward. Cotto can also fight via southpaw or orthodox stance. One of the things that Pacquiao needs to be aware of is that Cotto is naturally a southpaw, so his left hand is very strong.

Myth: Many people who call Cotto a damaged fighter really believes in what they are saying.
Fact: Many people who say that Cotto is damaged goods do not really believe it. For a number of them, it’s just a way to discredit another Pacquiao victory if the ‘Pacman’ is able to defeat Miguel Cotto.

Miguel Cotto Vs Manny Pacquiao Prediction:

I think, we will know in the first few rounds, how the fight might go. The biggest question is how well Pacquiao can handle Cotto’s punch. If he is able to handle Cotto’s punch, then it will be a long night for Cotto. If not, then it might be a short night for Pacquiao.  For now, I see it as a late stoppage in favor of Pacquiao.

I have never seen a fighter improve so much in the middle and latter part of their career as much as Pacquiao. Since the David Diaz fight, he has improved his boxing ability and is no longer a left hand dominant fighter. The step up in weight has also helped him gain strength. But, the main thing that will give Cotto problems is Pacquiao’s ability to throw punches from all angles. If you ask many analysts or boxers, that is one of the things that they will mention the most that makes Pacquiao difficult to defeat.

But I would not be suprised if Cotto beats Pacquiao, as he is one of the better boxers in the game and might posses one of the strongest punch in the division.  All I know is it will be a great fight