Edmontons Bring in The Oil

nick young Contributor ISeptember 16, 2009

What does the team need to address before the regular season starts Oct. 1 ?


The Edmonton oiler’s need to address that they need to bring in some more talent behind the blue line. They need to bring in talent that can score on the blue line, and talent that can back them up in the net. They still have a very big roster to begin with and with the approach of the regular season they need to bring in talent that can score them defensively and offensively. They need those young, fresh, players to bring in the rates, and to also bring in the crowds. With some of the new talents that they have such as comrie, and all the young talents that they aren’t gonna cut, they need to find a way to fit them in.  


How do you see those issues shaking out over the next few weeks?


The issue with shaking out the talent behind the blue line, they need to make trades, make signings, even if it means giving up some of their biggest talents, yeah it’s a risk but I call it “risk .vs. reward”. But in the net, they need some big talent in the back up, they need to get the back up chances to play games, so they can show what they got. Now with the issue revolving around the roster, they need to make sure they don’t cut the wrong people, they need to cut players that aren’t a good fit or maybe trade them for a bigger and better talent. Now with the new comer comrie and all the young talent that they aren’t gonna cut, they need to make lines that the players are comfortable with also known as chemistry.


 What are the uncertainties -- big or small -- for this Oiler team as the 09-10 season nears?


Now another word for uncertainties are doubts, fears and worries. Now the oiler’s all they can really do is play the games and hope for the best, they can’t expect to go out and guarantee victory, they need to be strong, they need to have control on the puck, and keep the players healthy. A big fear could be an injured player, an injury to certain player can set them up for a losing streak. A small fear could be that they lose fans. Now if they have scratched players they need to keep those scratched players healthy and ready for the next turn they get at making a line, but if a scratched player gets injured or obtains a virus, sickness then they could be a great worry. But all they can really do is just hope for the best, and stay positive.