Step Away From The Bridge Irish Fans

Bruce AcreeCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2009

ANN ARBOR, MI - SEPTEMBER 12:  Denard Robinson #16 of Michigan gets tackled by Robert Blanton #12 of Notre Dame at Michigan Stadium on September 12, 2009 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  (Photo by Domenic Centofanti/Getty Images)

Ok, it was a bad day. A bad indeed.

First off, let me say this: Notre Dame football is NOT important in the grand scheme of things.
 Eternity is important. Your family, your jobs, what you do personally as a person is important. Football is FUN. Remember that and trivial things like ND losing last saturday will only annoy you instead of like others, who act like they want to jump from a bridge.

Now on to some football related matters:

Anybody who thought Michigan was going to roll over for ND or just be outclassed was fooling themselves. Hopefully we will never see foolish 42-17 type predictions again.
This is Michigan folks, with Michigan athletes who are no longer in a brand new system. They have solid lines, good athletes across the board, they were playing ND, and they were at home.(which is equal to about 10 points in their case)
 I knew it would be tight.(ND 27-21) Vegas knew it was going to be tight.(ND by 3.5) It was right in the middle at 4.....only with Michigan being the winner.

Notre Dame is a good team guys but not elite. Maybe not even VERY good. But they are good, and last year they were average. Next year they will be VERY good but probably not quite elite.
 This is if they stick with Charlie. Which I hope they do. And those calling for his head should ask themselves who would love ND more, work harder for, or even WANT to come more than Charlie?
 Urban Meyer is not coming. Nick Saban isn't coming. Bob Stoops isn't coming. I don't want Chucky('thanks Dungy for the great defense you left me')Gruden.
Besides, he'll probably be flirting with Dallas next year. Speaking of which, if ND fires Weis, I will personally wear a sandwhich board with the words 'Hire Charlie Weis' displayed across it and parade back and forth across Valley Ranch headquaters in Dallas.

Charlie has the heart of a champion. He has upgraded every aspect of ND football and dragged it kicking and screaming into the 21st century. He had to hire a staff via a phone conference and basically had to tank his first recruiting class because of his duties with the Patriots.
This was on top of two very poor recruiting eforts by his predacessor.

ND's offense IS elite. But their defense is only pretty good. They are not fast enough yet to run down their mistakes and not stout enough yet on the line. But their defense IS better and more athletic. Just not good enough.

It's pointless to second guess play calling or coaching. We have NO idea what the coaches are seeing or hearing in their headsets. Charlie has forgotten more about football than we will ever know.
 Yes, I too wish that he would have called a screen or a quick slant or a TE drag or square out instead of those two deep balls on their final drive. You know which two I mean.

Most of Michigans big plays came off of busted or sandlot plays. A couple were from a missed tackle or two. It is actually quite sickening to watch.

Tausch probably should have been put in a couple of situations last week to hit a field goal or two.

Now 1 of 2 things will happen going forward. The team will come together and will win 8 of the next 9 games or so and it will still be a good year, just not a special year.
Or, they lose to USC as well as a couple of others and the team gives up on the year.....and on Charlie. None of us fans can dictate which of the two will happen so we will see.

If you ask me, I still say that our season will be like I predicted at the beginning of the season. 9-3 and a victory in a bowl game. I figured we would lose to either Michigan or Michigan St. ND has not beaten both in the same year since 2002. We will probably lose to USC and maybe be upset one more time.
But after 3-9 and 6-6, i'll take 9-3 and a cotton bowl win.

Saturday was a bad day, I know. But don't let it affect you. Don't let it make you give up on the team or the coaching staff. And this IS, finally, a good staff.
The sun will rise on saturday morning and it will be a new day. A new foe, Sparty. Every new day, every new saturday we get, is a gift and is NOT promised.