Lebron James And Others Rumored To Host Future Episodes Of Raw

Myles HubbardCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2009

NEW YORK - JUNE 16:  NBA basketball player, Lebron James visits the hand and foot spa at Carol's Daughter on June 16, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by Joe Corrigan/Getty Images)

Now, the WWE as instituted a new Guest Host gimmick, which for the most part has had its ups and definite downs. But the WWE set it self up for a future obligation when Shaquille Oneal and Jerishow had their confrontation. Jericho even took a stab at Shaq and mentioned my boy Kobe Bryant. Now there were rumors early after that Shaq would return to Raw and have a match with The Big Show. But with Shaq's age and durability starting to become a factor, would he be able to perform a real match with Show? That brings me to this news that been out for some time, but didn't take serious before.

I came across an article where a man(I'm guessing known some inside information) reported and exponential amount of celebs who were either signed on or in very serious talks with WWE. It reported that Bob Barker and Floyd Mayweather were confirmed to be future host of Raw weeks before they were announced. In that same article, Lebron James is mentioned alongside Mayweather and Barker as confirmed future host of Raw, which gives me reason to believe that he will in fact host Raw sooner or later, but they are saving him for something special, knowing what having Lebron James can do for their ratings.

Plus, in just some other guest hosting news, the WWE has also been in very serious talks with the Rev. Al Sharpton also(no kidding). Pete Wentz, Ashlee Simpson, Serena Williams, Ashtons Kutcher, Regis Philbin, and Jimmy fallon have all been in negotiations reportedly with the WWE for futured guest hosting roles.

Now I'm not saying that this is 100% accurate, but it was right about Bob Barker, who hosted Raw almost 1 month after it was reported, so Lebron James coming to Raw is very likely, considering the storyline that was started with Shaq.



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