Does The WWE Honestly Care For The World Heavyweight Championship?

Javier E.Contributor ISeptember 15, 2009

Okay this is my personal opinion and you can disagree if you want but this has been bothering me for some time now. Although this has been happening for some time now It went too far these past few months. And I just thought I would write you guys out there my opinion on this situation.


The WHC was "Created" back in 2002 when then WWE Champion Brock Lesnar chose to defend his title only for the Smackdown! brand leaving Raw without a World title. Through the quick thinking of Eric Bichoff, we were introduced to the WCW World Heavyweight Championship which was of course renamed with the WWE logo. Triple H was named the inaugural champion and thus a new championship was created.

With this new belt new feuds were created and new champions who almost certaintly would've never had a chance at the gold finally got their chance. Though Triple HHH would terrorize the main event scene by constantly defending or challenging for the title in almost every paperview, greats such as Shawn Michaels, Goldberg, and of course the late Chris Benoit all were given an oppurtunity to be the man.

Adding to it it also helped create new main eventers with the likes of Randy Orton and Batista. Batista would go on to have the longest reign in its short history. After 282 days Batista was forced to relinquish the title due to injury which he's no stranger to. THIS was when the WWE began to tarnish the prestige of the title.


Shortly after Batista relinquished the title, it has gone through WAY too many switches. Over the past few years no reign has even come closed to a Batista-Triple HHH reign. To me it seems the WWE uses the World Heavyweigh title as some toy to keep the Main events fresh. But cmon most of the recent title reigns don't even last more than two months. Edge's five title reigns were all under 100 days. During the CM Punk/Jeff Hardy feud the title switched four times. I mean cmon why not give the Championship a worthy title reign. Hell remember the 380 day WWE Championship reign of John Cena? Sure it was irritating seeing him retain the title every time but atleast it gave the title some realism.

Heres a list of title reigns over the PAST year-

1. Chris Jericho - 49 Days

2. Batista - 8 Days

3. Chris Jericho - 20 days

4. John Cena - 84 days

5. Edge - 49 days

6. John Cena - 21 Days

7. Edge - 42 days

8. Jeff Hardy - 3 minutes

9. CM Punk - 49 Days

10. Jeff Hardy - 28 Days

11. Cm Punk - 23 Days - Current.

Yes even WWEs superman couldn't get past the 100 day mark. Last one to do so was Edge during his 2nd reign over 2 years ago. I just hope WWE doesn't switch the championship over so quickly to Undertaker or Batista.


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