What to Expect From TUF: Heavyweights

Nick ColonSenior Analyst ISeptember 15, 2009

This season of "The Ultimate Fighter" has been very anticipated by MMA fans worldwide since the UFC announced Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson would take part on the new season.

Aside from the presence of Kimbo, the UFC has elected to go the 'Brock Lesnar route' if you will and start delving into large-build, former NFL players for possible contenders in the division. Add in a mix of "Big Country," who reminds me of Wesley "Cabbage" Correira, and a dash of ex-UFC fighter Wes Sims, and throw in a few young powerful MMA fighters like Brendan Schaub and Jon Madsen and Dana White should have a great TUF season ahead of himself.

But what could go wrong?

Well, for starters, Kimbo talked to the media prior to the first episode of the new season and he flat out stated that he would have no problems beating up any fighter who felt it necessary to prank him during the length of the season. White followed up by saying he then in turn would have no problem removing Kimbo from the Ultimate Fighter house should anything go awry. Sounds like a good start.

It appears, however, that Kimbo and others on this season understand the importance of this opportunity, and it is widely rumored that this season showed flashes of the old rendition of The Ultimate Fighter. Even if that is true though, that means there's still a Chris Leben-like fella in the house willing to urinate on pillows. Only time will tell.

Regardless, what can fans legitimately expect from this season?

Based off the promos shown, which haven't given away too much of this season, it looks like another competitive season between the coaches, with good fights abound. If Kimbo can continue to grow, and youths aforementioned can put the skill with their potential and mass, this season of TUF: Heavyweights could be a very productive season with three to five fighters sustaining careers in the UFC.