College Football: Week 2 thoughts and observations

Kody BrannonCorrespondent ISeptember 13, 2009
Ok I want to start off with one quick observation. I think I was wong in saying Oregon had the ugliest uniforms in football. Today I watched the Texas vs. Wyoming game and the Wyoming uniforms were so bad you could only call them a banana turd. Brown and yellow don't mesh. So Wyoming now has the ugliest uni's in college football. Sorry Oregon, your number two.

While watching the Texas game and seeing how it took Texas a whole half to get going, I have to say I got a little worried. But then 35 unanswered points were realed off and the Horns won big. Hopefully this won't become a trend for the Longhorns. But another solid win, and moving forward to the next game. Colt McCoy had some solid numbers to hopefully help his Heisman Chances.

Florida won big agian today. But what esle is new. Tebow showed agian why he is the best player in college football. Unless there is a major hiccup, it will be hard pressed for another team to move past florida for #1.

What happened to Oklahoma State? They are ranked number five, at home and bringing in an overmatched Houston team. And end up getting beat by 10 points....Wow, you give this team their due and show some respect then they go and have this happen. Just another reason why Oklahoma State will probably never win the Big XII.
Michigan beat Notre Dame in the big house. So Rich Rod's hot seat gets a little bit cooler and Charlie Wiess' got a little bit hotter. But this will probably be a short respite for Rodriguez, Michigan will go back to losing and look horrible next week. Meanwhile Nortre dame will continue status quo. I still think both these guys will be looking for work after december.

The Georgia/South Carolina game turned out to be a great game. Georgia started pulling away, then the old ball coach showed why he is still a great coach and got S. Carolina back into the game. This game went down the final possession. And non a fourth down play inside the 10, Spurrier went for it and the qb had an incomplete pass. Could this be the end of the old ball coach at S. Carolina?

Byu rolled over tulane, but what will they do when they have to play Tcu and Utah? Read my previous blog post about why I think the mountain west deserves a BCS birth.


USC trusted their team in the hands of a freshman. But walking into a place like the Horseshoe in Columbus can be very tough. Not only to mention how tough Ohio State is at home. This game has been on the minds of the Ohio State faithfull since last year. Revenge was on the minds of the Buckeyes, but the freshman showed poise and skill tonight beyond his years. He led the trojans on a late 4th quarter drive in a hostile enviroment. But with time left on the clock, Pryor and the Buckeyes had a shot to win it. But fell short because of the stingy USC defense.This game was what college football is about.
Bosie State wins big and keeps themselves in the BCS hunt hoping somone can knock off BYU. Maybe Bosie state should join the Mountain West. That would make that confrence tougher.

My last thought of the night is just plain and simple. I love college football. It is the most entertaining form of football there is. I love it! Be on the look out, Starting next week, I will post what I think the top 25 should be. I am going to base it on what I see watching the games, not who should be there based on name recognition.