Davids Winners For Week Two

David KuykendallCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2009

This college football fans is a week to be a winner, those who lose will not have the same chances as the other teams to earn early season respect. This might be the biggest week 3 in college football i can remember. And to kick this off ill start with the game of the week.


West Virginia @ Auburn

Last year Au traeled to WVU with a 4-3 record while WVU was 4-2. The tigers took a 17-10 lead into the half, but WVU held them to zero secon half points and went on to win 34-17. This year WVU lost Pat white holder of the NCAA all time rushing record by a QB, and AU lost Head Coach Tommy Tuberville.

 WVU features a more well rounded passing attack this year with senior QB Jarret brown (as seen above) and while he isnt the runner white was he is more than capable of breaking 15-30 yd runs at times. among oth things Jarret brown is very accurate and has the ability to throw deep balls on every play. And with Noel Devine who put a career high 207 yds rushing on only 17 attempts last year this offense is ready for anything. 

 AU also features a well balanced attack that is angled a more towards the run game and has two rbs over 200 yds on the season. The passing game can be a threat to but accuracy is an issue for this offense with QB Todd only hitting on 27 of his 49 attempts.

Both defenses are very talented at the line however wvu is a bit more experienced not only on the D line but with 10 starters back and 17 players with starting experience if its a defensive battle WVU looks to have the edge.

  My winner WVU 38-24


Texas-Texas Tech


There isnt much we havent seen from these two teams both have been ranked highly as of last year,both have been good at producing winning QBs and electric WRs. Last year Texas Tech won the late season matchup by less than a TD with a huge run after catch by Michael Crabtree with just seconds left.Texas on the other will always know they were just one int away from the national championship.


Texas has a great offense this year with heisman runner up Colt McCoy returning at QB and standout WR Jordan Shipley they are one of the best WR/QB combinations in the nation. The defense needs some work but there is enough talent that they can be formidable when things get tough.

Texas Tech

TTU lost NCAA record setter Graham Harrel and top 10 draft pick Michael Crabtree this is definately a rebuilding year for TTU. However they have put up some impressive numbers on offense. They do have one of the better defenses in the Big 12.

My Call Texas 49-38



VT Nebraska has the oportunity to be a great game both teams are trying to prove they are one of the elite and both teams havent been able to break through in the past. Nebraska has been okay but have struggled after finishing in the top 25 twice in the last 5 years. VT has had a mess of problems from loseing to teams like ECU,BC and FSU to not beeing able to close Bama out in the 4th.

Nebraska has a scrappy defense and a smashmouth offense that may not be the flashiest can kill you over time. They have many interchangeable pieces to this offense especially at RB,Te,and WR. Look for this defense to bring lots of pressure on Tyrod talyor and creat havoc for VTs run game.

VT has had its chances and as far as the national picture goes this might be it for the Hokies. Tyrod talyor has the ability to be a winner the question is when under pressure from a good defense late in th game can he make theplays that only can make for his team?

My call VT 35-28


Im short on time this week so im only doing in depth coverage for these 3 games here are the rest of my predictions.