Raiders Vs Chargers The Good And The Bad

Randy LavelleCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2009

After a very hard fought game on Monday Night football,The Raiders Vs Chargers rivalry is still renewed.

You could tell that the whole stadium was ready for some football and that's what they got!

Did it turn out like they had wanted?Certainly not.


The Good:


MacFadden had a good game up until that fumble for a turnover.Let's hope he improves in that area.Why is it that MacFadden isn't used around the edge, catching passes across middle, or with screens?MacFadden always seems to get shoestring tackled and really needs to work on that.B+



Micheal Bush also had his touches and did well when he got them.I'm am still wondering though,why they did not use him up the middle and MacFadden around the edge, catching passes across middle, or with screens?MacFadden always seems to get shoestring tackled and really needs to work on that.B+


Zach Miller is always a playmaker and continueually proves his worth.He is a man with excellent hands and reminds me of Dave Casper.A+


Louis Murphy did a great job getting open and got his 1st NFL Touchdown.I thought he should have had two.We can not dwell on the fact that season after season,the refs will always make those bad calls.Move on and more about it in conclusion.A


JaMarcus showed some toughness after returning from getting hurt.He came back with a long down-field strike to Murphy on a nice play.He also had a good block on the reverse to Higgins.B


Mario Henderson did an outstanding job by shutting down Merriman.I was totally impressed with this young fellow and his play.A+


Chris Morris was named the starter in this game over Samson Sateale and also did an outstanding job for his 1st career start.A+


Oren O'Neil is back to his former self after rehabing the worst injury you could ever have to a knee.Nice to see him back.B


Mike Mitchell made his pro debut on Special Teams and came out with a great tackle.Problem was,that was the only good play from ST.




Richard Seymour had an excellent game in which he had 2 sacks (while being double-team) and 6 tackles.He had a huge impact in making SD look awful until the last drive.He will make this team so much better as long as he stays healthy.A+


Ellis also had a good showing since Seymour was getting mostly the double-teams.He had a tackle that resulted into a fumble (LT)and a sack.I hope we can see more of him in other games.A


The Linebackers all had some great plays ,but as a whole did well(until they started playing soft on the last drive).Ricky Brownhad some good plays and is the stand-out out of all of them with 7 tackles.B


Tyvon Branch had an outstanding game.Great pass and run coverage.He made many important plays.A+


Nnamdi Asomugha had a good game.He had one play where he stopped the run for a loss of 3 yards.B+


Micheal Huff clearly made a statement for securing a starting role.He had 1 Interception and 1 fumble recovery.A+


Trevor Scott showed some flashes and was fresh all game.He had 3 tackles,but we need more from him.C+



The Bad:



JaMarcus Russell had a game like a rookie would have.13 for 30  208 yards for 1 T and 1 INT.This is terrible!His passes where not accurate.He "looked" Murphy way too long and resulted in a interception early in the game.It was one bad pass after another.He needs to work on his pump fakes(making safeties bite),his check downs sooner,and his accuracy on the left and right side of the field.His pass rating is a mere 47.6..D


Cornell Green is still commiting penalties and it's only a matter of time he gets replaced unless he turns it around.the question is with who?Anyone at this point could be an upgrade.He did however block decent,but penalties are game killers.D-


Darrius Heywood-bey has had many chances in preseason and in this game to get his catches.the problem is,he's not catching them.His playing time may be cut if he doesn't start getting them.F



The defense gave up the last drive that decided the outcome of the game.This has to stop,period.F(last drive only)


Stanford Routt is still terrible in coverage and I was wondering why was he even out there.D


Special teams played poorly in which otherwise is there strongest asset.The return coverage was horrible and Sproles ended up getting huge runs,leaving a short field for there offense.Only positive was Mike Mitchell's tackle.D-


In conclusion,The Raiders came in this game with an attitude and it showed on the field.I was VERY impressed with the run defense up until the last SD drive.If anyone says Richard Seymour won't make a difference,they don't know squat.He made an immediate impact on defense.Ellis is also one who is helping make a case for a much better D.

The DB's good,but still needs work.The coverage was tight and most importantly eliminated penalties.Great pick by Huff and i was very impressed with Branch.

JaMarcus has much work to do and really needs a reliable receiver other than DHB.He did complete good passes across the middle,but seriously needs work on the outsides.Zack is always an excellent receiver and is always a great play-maker.

Cornell Green penalties desperately needs addressed and fixed.3rd and long doesn't work and puts too much pressure on JaMarcus.

Those who said we are not a good team,they don't squat!

The Raider Nation should be proud of the overall effort in this new and young team.The wins will come and we will continue to follow.It's now time to prepare for Kansas City