Big Jeff Hardy Update: Going To Jail For 14 Years?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIISeptember 15, 2009

For almost a week now, the wrestling world has heard nothing except Jeff Hardy news. For those who don't know, Jeff Hardy was arrested a few days ago for drug possession. His home was raided by police after they received an anonymous tip that he had illegal drugs in his home.

It turned out that he had a number of drugs in his home, from anabolic steroids to cocaine. He was supposedly bailed out by his brother Matt, but Jeff disputed that claim through Twitter, so no one is sure who really bailed him out other than Hardy himself and those close to him.

Now, he has a court date set for Wednesday, September 30th. The charges he will be facing are:

  • Felony possession of cocaine.
  • Felony drug trafficking of opium.
  • Two counts of felony possession with intent to redistribute a Schedule III drug.
  • Maintaining a dwelling for drug use and/or distribution.
  • Misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

The drug trafficking charge comes from the weight of the pills that Hardy had in his home at the time of the bust; not that he was actually selling them. The charge means that he had a high volume of the drugs and that "could" mean he is selling.

If Hardy is able to provide a "legal" prescription for the painkillers (some if not all), the weight would be reduced, and then the trafficking charges could be dropped.

The prescriptions would be huge, because that would take away jail time and give him a hefty fine instead for the other things he is charged for.

The trafficking charge, if given fully and Hardy was unable to provide any prescription, would be at least three years even for first time offenders. Hardy would be a first time offender, but he will also be judged by the weight of the drugs during the bust, as mentioned before.

So, he could face up to 14 years in prison for all the charges. I asked a knowledgeable man on the subject about the possible sentence for Hardy, and he told me that from what Hardy had during the bust, it could be from five to eight years if no prescription was given.

Everyone associated with Hardy is saying "don't believe the hype," which probably means either one of two things: They don't want you to judge and hurt his image even more, or Hardy is innocent of many if not all charges.

I wouldn't think Hardy would sell drugs anyway, nor would he fund an operation ala Michael Vick. He was in the WWE and has been trying to rebuild his image for some time. While I wouldn't think he would be above using drugs himself, I would think he would be dumb to sell them.

As many know, the best drug dealers are not drug addicts themselves. Hardy has been known to be a drug addict off and on, so he wouldn't be smart to engage in it.

Also, there is no reason he would need to sell drugs. He has plenty of money, and if he needed more money for drugs, he could have wrestled more in the WWE, but he left.

The WWE actually offered him one of the best deals possible. They gave him a schedule that would be only TV shows and Pay Per Views. He wouldn't have to do any house show, and he would make more money than he did on his previous contract.

This is a deal not even offered to Shawn Michaels or The Undertaker, so you can imagine that he had to think about this long and hard before declining.

Why wouldn't be go for it? If he wanted the drugs bad enough, he would still be in the WWE. And, he wouldn't have to wrestle as often, which leaves more time for drugs.

I am not condoning drug use, but if Hardy wanted to use and needed money to get them, he wouldn't have left the WWE at all.

The anabolic steroids are used for pain a lot of the time. Your regular doctor will give them to you usually in a seven day packet. You would take seven the first day, then six the next, and so on.

If that does not kill the pain, they would give you a prescription or send you to another doctor for better analysis of an injury. With Hardy being a pro-wrestler and pain being a part of the job, anabolic steroids are not something that would be stupid to have, especially after something such as a TLC Match.

Anabolic steroids have been given to athletes to help them get back from an injury faster too, so they are useful for pain and helping the pain decrease. The pain killers like Vicodin are given to people by prescription too, and are useful after a high impact match.

Keep in mind that he could also have a large amount of pills after he went to the doctor because he is unable to go to a pharmacy as often. The doctor writes the prescription for how many pills to give, so if he has that, he is okay in my book.

He was on the road a good bit with the WWE, and had to focus on a full time schedule with them, so obviously he needed to get a large amount so he wouldn't have to go back and forth to the pharmacy or doctor.

The one thing that I feel will give him the most trouble will be the cocaine charge. It is an illegal drug, and of course there is no way he'd have a prescription for it. Now, the police found residue of it, which is a small trace of the drug.

They didn't find a ton of it at the home, which means he probably won't have a massive charge for it. I feel he will be fined for it, but there shouldn't be any jail time.

While there is a possibility of 14 years of prison, I doubt he will see any of it. But if we are talking fines, I say he will see a good bit of that. It is possible he will be put on probation and have to serve community service hours as well.