How Long Will Daunte Culpepper Remain a Detroit Lion?

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How Long Will Daunte Culpepper Remain a Detroit Lion?
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Two things are clear for the Detroit Lions after week 1:

1) Matthew Stafford is going to be the QB in Detroit this year no matter how poorly he plays.

2) The Lions still desperately need defensive help.

Let me make it clear that I understand the Lions were playing New Orleans this week, the best passing attack in the league. However, even marginal defenses don't allow 45 points. I would also like to clarify that no matter how badly you want Daunte Culpepper to get the start, Jim Schwartz has already said it will NOT happen.

So, that being said, it would appear that the Lions have a little bit of trade bait in a veteran QB with fairly good arm strength that will not lose a game for you as many backup QB's will do.

We saw this past week that there are many teams in need of quarterback help (Philadelphia, Carolina, St. Louis, Denver, I'm looking at you) for whatever reason.

I generally don't like to speculate, but quarterback may be the one position in football that is the hardest to find talent at. In addition to that, it is the most important position on the field. A team like Carolina, who has enough talent to be a playoff team, but a quarterback that is struggling, might find a prospect like Culpepper very interesting.

Culpepper is especially expendable given his age and the fact that he won't want to stay in Detroit next season. Also, the fact that Drew Stanton performed so well in the preseason increases his chances of being sent packing.

Mr. Mayhew would be wise to watch other teams quarterbacking needs as the season goes on because it is likely someone will lose a top end quarterback. When that happens he has a very valuable commodity in Culpepper.

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