The Animal Unleashed on Orton: Does Randy Have Anything Left?

lee raydeanCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2009

Raw was exceptionally good tonight.

Batista returned and everyone, including Orton, thought that he was going to say he was retiring. Orton made his appearance, but he looked lost, like he lost his best friend.

That's right he did, at Breaking Point against John Cena. That was one hell of a grueling match, very physical and emotionally draining. Even though Orton lost, he can and will have a rematch at Hell in a Cell.

At his match against Batista last night on Raw, Randy was not at all himself. Besides not having the title in his possession anymore, there was something missing, something not quite right.

The win for Batista was too easy. Of course when Randy just wanted to get the hell out of there and was trying to get in the back, new champion, John Cena, came down the ramp after Orton. Randy didn't know what to do. John clotheslined him and threw him back in the ring.

The match was pretty much finished after that. There was no Legacy to come to his defense and help as they have so many times before. In fact, they dissed him on national television when they were in the ring at the start of the show.

They bragged about how no one in wrestling ever made DX tap out, including Orton, and how they did the impossible.

Seems like Randy has lost everything that mattered to him as far as wrestling is concerned.

Okay, I feel kind of sorry for him in a way.

Why? Well maybe it's because he was always there for Legacy and taught them everything he knew.

Batista says that Orton is too predictable. That may not be totally true. You never know what Orton is up to when he is in maniac mode.

I applaud Cena for doing the impossible against Randy Orton and making him say "I quit" and winning the championship.

Also I applaud Batista for having the guts to face such a dangerous person as Orton and for his win.

Lastly, I want to applaud all three because no matter who you rooted for in the last two days (Raw and Breaking Point), they were awesome and exciting matches that took all three superstars to their limit and beyond.