TCF Bank Stadium Gets Interesting Reviews

Foster KeatsContributor ISeptember 15, 2009

The reviews are in!!! Let's see how Golden Gopher fans and others who attended the first game at TCF Bank Stadium enjoyed themselves...

"I'm sick of the Gophers Stadium already.  Today's paper talked about all the problemsonly two ticket entrances open and two screeners working (very long lines), concession stand waits were 45 minutes long because they don't use cash registers, only hand calculators and cash boxes.  And of course, there's no beer on sale."-Jack S, St. Paul

"The stadium itself it awesome. Great views, clean (for how long I don't know), and most importantly, NOT the Metrodoome...' Larry T, Duluth

"Let's see how Michigan St. and Illinois likes the stadium in November, I can't f*ckin' wait!!!-Jason G, student and non-wearer of shirts to games.

"The whole beer debate up here was an exercise in insanity.  The "U" is surrounded by some of the finest places a man can go to drink excessively and vomit on the floor without fear of reproach. 

A bunch of Lutheran farmers in the hinterlands raised a hue and cry over selling demon rum in a stadium built by taxpayers' money, about the bad example it sets for students who, in their minds, are still deciding whether to live their lives alcohol-free or continue what they've been doing since high school.  The people who actually attend the games said, 'Hell yeah, we want beer,' while the distinguished representative from Hugo, MN raged on about losing souls to Satan one beer bottle at a time. The Lutherans prevailed with the help of excessive political correctness that infests the U like chiggers in a Louisianan's overalls.

"And so you have what happened here today. I don't like it any more than you do."
Best quote in the controversy came from the U athletic director, who was asked about the policy of not letting people leave their cars overnight in the parking lot. The Star Buffoon thought it was a good idea because people who drank too much and could not drive would be able to get their cars the following day. The A.D. replied, "Fans aren't allowed to drink in the stadium, so that shouldn't be a problem."  Of course!  Why didn't we think of that? 
Yes indeed, Cal will turn the Gophers into road kill.  That's what you get when you name your team after a rodent that folks in North Dakota like to decapitate with rifle bullets for sport..."- Jack S, St. Paul
What do you all think???