Why Do You Hate Texas Tech Football? (Post 2008 Loss To Sooners)

Todd TimberlakeContributor ISeptember 15, 2009

Why do you hate Tech so much? Let me ask again, why, when you live in Lubbock, do you hate Texas Tech so strongly? They basically facilitate our local economy. Do you not understand that simple concept? If not, then you are free to move to Austin. Enjoy!!!!!

As for me, I have, and always will be, a "die hard" Tech fan! This is partly because I grew up in the "Guns Up Club", but mostly because I went to school there, my family went to school there, and my friends went to school there. I am all for a person being a true fanatic for his team, but it seems that many of you have a lot of anger towards Tech. Am I wrong? So, Tech lost...well, actually Tech didn't even show up this weekend for their bout with the Sooners. It was theirs for the taking and they blew it. Nothing new...I suppose we pull for the Raiders for long enough, we suspect something like this will happen, but being TRUE “Fans”, we keep our heads held high and hope for the best, and we look towards next week’s game. As Red Raider fans, we ought not make excuses, and we shall admit defeat. So, congrats to the Sooners. Next year lets have the game on neutral ground!!!!

Furthermore, if we are TRUE “Fans”, we ignore the fact that the officiating in some of these “big” schools is completely bias, and we don’t even mention the fact that the Sooners were undoubtedly HOLDING our defenders behind the line of scrimmage on 90% of the downs. We just don’t make excuses for losses like this weekend’s Norman massacre. However, why must you rub our noses in the fact that we lost a football game? Last I checked we are still 10 & 1 on the season, and last I checked we are the one’s constantly having to prove all the naysayers wrong. So we didn’t prove you wrong this week, what of it? Yes, we get edgy in the midst of the entire country doubting our passion and capabilities! If we got a little jumpy, or “in your face” about this being “The Season” for the Raiders, well, perhaps it is because every time we put up miracle numbers, and for all of our unbelievable stats (over the last several years), and for our offensive techniques which may not be the traditional style, we encounter a nation of people saying, “that spread offense is a sham” or “that passing game is a gimmick”. So to you naysayers out there, I say, I will take our gimmicks and that sham of an offense any day, regardless of the outcome!!!! It is in my opinion, and my opinion only, that a TRUE fan sticks with his team, WIN or LOSE.

Alternately, schools like UT and OU traditionally have winning teams...this is why they have so many supporters. I would venture to guess that 70% of those “fans”only root for the aforementioned teams because those teams have consistently been Bowl contenders. However, do these fans even know a single thing about the schools themselves? Have they ever even been to Austin or Norman? For the majority, that is doubtful. Take the massive amount of funding out of these institutions, and you might find that the football programs end up lacking, and might be lucky to have a 6 & 6 season record. Will these folks be around then?

Moreover, it is easier to root for a winning team than it is to root for a traditionally "lacking" team.   Well, we as Tech fans have seen more “hopeful” seasons turn for the worst, and yet, here we are!!!! We listen to the media criticize our Team, our School, and our City, and still we stand proud wearing our Red and Black. We, at the very least, have some sense of community, camaraderie, and pride!!!! We band together as brothers week in, and week out. We do this because we are about something. We are about NEVER backing down. We are about holding our heads high under great adversities. And we are about standing tall in support of the very thing that brought us together, Red Raider Football. You can have your Longhorns and your Sooners because, believe me, we don’t want ‘em!!!! And you can talk your smack until the cows come home, but we won’t waver! We choose to stick by our Red Raiders, win or lose! It hurts deeply at times, but we ain’t goin’ anywhere! Can you say the same? That’s doubtful.