Toronto Blue Jays Need to Juice Up, Why Not Call Barry Bonds?

The HustlerContributor IMay 26, 2008

You know you're in trouble when your most reliable hitter is a 40-year-old teacher from B.C.

Combined with the busts of Vernon Wells and Shannon Stewart...oh to have Reed Johnson right now. Who knew he'd struggle so much? I did, that's who. But who am I?

JP signs Wilkerson? Mench? Please. You're not going anywhere with that.

And they released Frank Thomas (who is hitting .305 with four homers and 16 RBI in his first 25 games since rejoining the A's).

JP! C'mon bro. What's going on? When they released Mr. Thomas, I couldn't figure it out. I thought about it, and remember back to the offseason when I heard the rumor of Barry Bonds possibly coming to Toronto.

Well, it's quiet some time later, and no Barry Bonds. Perhaps it was the media, talking out of its ass like usual.

But maybe, just maybe, it's the right thing to do. Sure, every fan in the game feels personally scammed in some sort of way, and more than likely he would be booed in any stadium.

But who are we to judge? A team that has already had Glaus, Sprague, and Mister 'Roids: Pitcher Edition, Roger Clemens.

And hey! Wasn't Greg Zaun's name on that list, too? Shhhh...

And we're Canadian, eh. We're a very forgiving bunch. I still see Ben Johnson on TV ads daily.

Strong Canadian dollar right now, too.

Throw Bonds in at DH. Why not? Forget about the steroids, that's not traceable, it's more of an honor issue, and who really has any honor any more? He's a solid hitter, and that's what the Jays need.

If he came here and focused on baseball and made a serious contribution, there still would be backlash, sure. Until they make the playoffs, then who will remember such small details.

Barry Bonds to Canada, JP if you're reading. These old, injured characters and randoms from the past just won't get you competing for a pennant. Who's coming back next? Dave Steib?

Point is, the Jays need a power hitter. Vernon Wells is a flop. Think of his mind. They just gave this man a multi-millions dollar contract. Everything should be good. He's set in a long-term contract. But he's not thinking baseball, and it clearly shows.

They should have traded him to the Yankees for any of those stand-up guys who have all been rich for years, and whose minds are back on baseball.

But you can only live in the present, sadly. Wells isn't going to produce what JP thought he was, and the same goes for Stewart. Even Rolen isn't what I was expecting. And where did lil' David go? At night, I wish that Overbay was simply Bay.

They need something big, and possibly with a bat. Again, poor old Matt Stairs (he knows I love him) can't carry the team on his own. 


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