NBA in '08: a Look Back at the Season Thus Far

Joe WillettSenior Writer IMay 26, 2008

This has been one of the best NBA seasons in recent memory.  There was a constant battle for NBA MVP as players came in and out of the race late in the season.

There were great trades, bad trades, and trades that shook the foundation of basketball.

There were great games galore, individual performances, and team performances.

Teams rose from nothing to become playoff contenders, and teams have extremely high hopes for next season.

High profile coaches were fired, and low profile coaches were fired.

International superstars got hurt, and other superstars are now ready to create the new generation of the NBA.

Teams that were supposed to be great were bad, and teams surprised everybody by coming from nowhere.

Here are my awards for certain categories including what I think will happen come next season.

Biggest Surprise Team: New Orleans Hornets

We knew that this team was going to be good.  We didn't think that Chris Paul would be an MVP candidate, and that they would come within a game of the Western Conference Finals.

Best Game: San Antonio Spurs vs. Phoenix Suns, Game 1 of 1st Round

This game went into double overtime and was the highlight of the playoffs thus far, which is saying something with the quality of play to this point.  The fact that this was a playoff game and more meaningful makes it best of the year.

Most Disappointing Team: Chicago Bulls

They were supposed to be contenders in the NBA, but they fizzled big time.  After bad trades that didn't have the trigger pulled, the Bulls were just bad.  They could turn it around for next year though.

Best Dominant Win: Denver Nuggets vs. Seattle Supersonics, 168-116

It's surprising that the most dominant win came when the Supersonics had 116 points, but when the Nuggets score 168 against them, that is pretty dominant.  What makes this even more dominant is that nobody on the Nuggets scored over 30 points.

Best Trade: Los Angeles Lakers Acquire Pau Gasol

This trade was great for two reasons.  First, it gave the Lakers the missing piece that now has them winning the Western Conference Finals 2-1 at this point.  Also, it created multiple bad trades for other teams.  Speaking of which...

Worst Trade: Pheonix Suns Acquire Shaquille O'Neal

This trade still doesn't make any sense for me.  He doesn't fit into what the Suns do, and he doesn't work in Mike D'Antoni's system at all.  I guess that doesn't matter any more though.

Team With the Most Potential: Portland Trail Blazers

They have all the tools to be great next season, and they will likely get some use out of Greg Oden.  With all this young talent, they could be everything the Bulls were supposed to be.

Team Most Likely to Fall Off the Map: Dallas Mavericks

Jason Kidd is too slow, and their entire team is too old and decrepit.  They are going to fall hard, and it will take a few years to get back.

Next Superstar: LaMarcus Aldridge, Portland Trail Blazers

He has all the power and finesse needed to control the inside.  He is going to be up there with Amare Stoudemire for the best power forward in the league for years.

These were my awards.  Feel free to add your own or say who you think got left out.

A Conference Final/NBA Final edition will be out once the season officially ends and a winner is crowned.

I'm Joe W.

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