Eagles Sign Three Other Former Eagle QBs (Humor)

Kevin LagowskiCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2009

23 Nov 1997:  Quarterback Bobby Hoying of the Philadelphia Eagles in action during the Eagles 23-20 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mandatory Credit: David Seelig  /Allsport

The Philadelphia Eagles announced on Monday that they have signed free agent quarterback Jeff Garcia, who had previously played for the Eagles in 2006.

To further shore up their quarterback depth, the Eagles also announced the signings of Doug Pederson, Koy Detmer and Bobby Hoying.

Eagles coach Andy Reid released a statement to the media, singing the praises of each of the three new (old) additions.

"I've known Doug (Pederson) a long time and he's been doing a fine job with quality control for our team. He can really do wonders with a clipboard and I think we can count on him for the rest of the year".

At this point of reading the statement, it is only natural to pause while you picture Reid gruffly clearing his throat.

The statement continued, "We all saw what Koy could do for that one half in 2002 against San Francisco, and I think he's got some of that magic left. And his holding abilities are unmatched in the game today. You can always use a good holder".

The Eagles' signing of Bobby Hoying, currently working at his real estate agency in Ohio, seems the most curious of all. But Reid deftly stepped around any questions.

"Anybody who can win a shootout over Boomer Esiason like he did in 1997 is just fine by me. And now at least people who have bought a #7 Michael Vick jersey can tape over the name and put Hoying back on there for the home opener before Michael is eligible to play. Or they can just dig that old Hoying jersey out of the back of the closet if they want to".

The new additions are all expected to take snaps during the week before Reid and his coaches decide who to activate for Sunday's home opener versus New Orleans.

"The time's yours", Reid concluded.

But with all of these signings, it appears the Eagles have decided that now is also their time.