Javier E.Contributor ISeptember 14, 2009

Tonight on Raw, It was announced by Batista who returned after over four months on the sidelines from a torn left bicep that he was indeed returning to the Smackdown! brand after nearly a year and a half. Although it was pretty obvious since Teddy Long mentioned a very important announcement on the next Smackdown! episode, plus Smackdown has recently been lacking in star power after the recent departure of Jeff Hardy. So this leaves me question what impact the Animal will have?

Personally I'm excited for this since Smackdown! has been the most entertaining WWE program due to it having ACTUAL wrestling. But anyway I have to ask myself, Who will he feud with? Though he's obviously going to be chasing for the World title which CM Punk currently holds. My question is how would this work? Since Undertaker and Cm Punk are currently fueding and it only started a few weeks ago and I like many would like to see it continue after the horrible match they had at Breaking Point. So who?

Batista vs Matt Hardy - I doubt this will happen since Matt just became a face about a month and a half ago. Unless of course Batista turns Heel.

Batista vs Kane - God forbid this happens but since The HORRIBLE Kane-Khali feud might be coming to an end. Kane might sneak attack Batista but who knows.

Batista vs Dolph Ziggler - The Brash, arrogant young superstar who has been quite impressive since his debut could work. I would like Dolph to get put into his place but I doubt this one might happen since he's currently feuding with John Morrison over the IC title.

Batista vs John Morrison - Again unlikely but I would like to see this one happen since John Morrison has taken part in amazing matches against CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, and Jeff Hardy. Plus this could be another step for Morrison towards Main Event Status.

So anyway theres some I could think off but I would like hear your opinions on what might happen after he returns to Smackdown!

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