The Champ Is Here! Orton Says "I Quit" In Brutal Match Against Cena

lee raydeanCorrespondent ISeptember 14, 2009

Wrestling fans, as I watched Breaking Point at Hooligan's here in Rochester, N.Y., I sat impatiently waiting for the match with John Cena and Randy Orton to begin. It was a submission match.

This was a brutal match that took both superstars beyond their physical limits. Neither would give up. Neither would say "I Quit."

As the match started, John Cena was in control. He was bashing Orton's head into the steel steps, announcer's table, ring posts.

Somewhere down the line, the tables changed and Orton's psychotic demeanor was on the rise. He became a monster.

Please let me rephrase that, Orton had become a madman. He somehow got a pair of handcuffs from a small bag that he brought into the ring. (Why are you carrying handcuffs, Randy? What are you into?)

Never mind, that would be TMI for me. As I was saying, Orton hit Cena and grabbed handcuffs and put one cuff on one of Cena's wrists and the other on the ropes. The key was around Randy's neck.

Orton was now in control. He wasn't going to give John a break. Every time he told the ref to ask Cena if he quits, Cena's reply was "NO."

From there, Orton put both of Cena's wrists in cuffs and put them over the ring post and the rest of his body was sitting on the steel steps. Under the ring were candlesticks which Orton didn't hesitate to use.

John was getting pummeled but still wouldn't give up. His body was marked with welts and cuts from the candlesticks. Orton hit him with a chair and he thought Cena was out.

Orton was in shock as John brought his foot up and kicked Randy where the sun doesn't shine. Randy rolled on the floor in pain. Cena got out of his predicament and found his way to Randy.

By this time, they both were back in the ring. Cena got the key away from Randy. He then handcuffed Orton to him.

That was the start of the bitter end. Cena put Randy's cuffed arm around his own neck and he nearly broke his arm. Randy yelled that he quit.

Through all the pain, the torture that they both went through, Orton at that moment was at his breaking point. Cena became the new world champion.

Whether you like or hate Orton, you have to give him his props, give credit where credit is due. Randy might have quit, but he didn't have anyone coming out in his defense.

He did this on his own. So he does deserve a little credit. That belt was his life, but now it belongs to John Cena. The champ is here!