WOW, Another Screw Job in Montreal—How Original, WWE!

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIISeptember 14, 2009

After watching probably one of the most weird PPVs of the year last night in WWE Breaking Point, I was left puzzled. Which I kind of like, but sometimes I just don't get why the WWE does some of the things it does.

During The Undertaker vs. CM Punk match for the World Heavyweight Title, we saw Undertaker lock in the Hell's Gate submission. Punk tapped out to the hold, and the match seemed to be over.

SmackDown GM Teddy Long came out and said that the submission 'Taker used was banned by Vickie Guerrero months ago and the match was restarted. Undertaker took Punk up for the Last Ride Powerbomb and it was countered by Punk with the Anaconda Vise.

Immediately when Punk locked in the hold, the referee called for the bell; 'Taker never tapped. Both Punk and the ref ran out of the ring and up to Long, who had a smirk on his face.

We, of course, saw The Undertaker screwed over here, and I personally cannot wait to see SmackDown Friday to see what happens, but I just don't get why the WWE had another screw job here.

The last one we saw was with Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart for the WWF Title around 10 years ago in the same place. Both Micheals and the ref were in on it, as well as Chairman Vince McMahon, yet Hart was the only one not in the know besides the fans.

Of course, this was a real screw job done on Hart and not storylined. There was a lot that went into this, and if you want to know more just look it up. However, we need to keep in mind that nothing storylined can compare to the real Montreal Screw Job.

Also keep in mind that Bret Hart was a Canadian, so it made the fans even more angry. It took balls for the WWE to even screw Hart over in Montreal, of all places. So, it will never be forgotten, but this one with 'Taker will be.

Sure, we will remember it for a little while, especially for the storyline with him and Punk. But we will forget about it by this time next year. It was a nice ending and all, but how do you expect us to react to something we have seen before, especially in the same place?

The first one was real; this one was storylined.

I know the WWE had to keep the World Heavyweight Championship on Punk; he couldn't lose it right after he won it...again.

'Taker had to lose, but because the WWE couldn't make him submit they had to have Punk go over on him some way. But wouldn't it of been better if Punk just got DQ'ed? I mean, he is a heel and not above it. In fact we have seen him use chairs on Jeff Hardy for the past few months.

One was legal in the TLC match, but all the other times he attacked Hardy were not. Whether it was in a match or not, he has gotten himself DQ'ed or attacked Hardy after just about every match in the last few months, especially leading to Summerslam.

He could easily get DQ'ed and keep his title because, according to WWE rules, a title  does not change hands over a disqualification. Then we could see 'Taker get his revenge later on, especially in the upcoming all Hell in a Cell PPV next month.

I found it quite dumb to do a storyline based on a real life event that even Vince McMahon has said he regrets. While it was a surprising ending that will keep us puzzled, it made no sense. Therefore, it was a dumb move by management in my opinion.