Lets Slow Down Before Writing Off The Browns Just Yet...

Andrew LefflerContributor ISeptember 14, 2009

CLEVELAND - SEPTEMBER 13:  Joshua Cribbs #16 of the Cleveland Browns scores a touchdown as Eric Wright #24 celebrates against the Minnesota Vikings at Cleveland Browns Stadium on September 13, 2009 in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)

Ok, first off I want to say to every moron on here calling for Brady Quinn's head to shut up, and stop being such douchebags about this. Anderson would of fared no better against this team, that may go deep into the playoffs. In fact you could probably add at least three more sacks to the Vikings five. Also add two more INT's. Its one game out of sixteen. So sit back and relax, its not time to panic yet.

I remember about a month ago we found ourselves in this same situation. Remember the first preseason game? People on this site and all over the world, myself included were about to write off the Browns and brace for a disaster of a season. What happend the following week? The Browns came out on fire...I know it was against the Lions in the preseason. We now find ourselves in a similar spot. Coming off a pretty nasty lose to a playoff team, we now have to travel to Denver. I know they pulled an upset of the Bengals yesterday, but don't read much into it.

The Broncos are similar to the Browns in that they have missing pieces, new coach, and a receiver with issues. I think the win over the Bengals will go to all of their players head's and therefore will underestimate the Browns this Sunday. I don't think Josh McDaniels is very smart, so it may be a real possibility that they come in over confident against the Browns. Just look at the Bronco's offseason for an explanation to what I have just said.

Will we come in on fire and light them up? Well watching the offense Sunday, I don't think so, but will the coaches learn from their mistakes? I think you will see more from Jamal Lewis and the running game. Lewis averaged almost six yards a carry yesterday so look for a big game out of him. Quinn will have a better game as well, not lights out, but effective.

The offensive play calling Sunday was a joke, anyone remember Maurice Carthon? Looked like they brought him back didn't it? Mangini will have this team prepared for Sunday, and hopefully Brian Daboll will get a little more creative.

Denver doesn't scare me one bit, in fact I think they will picking in the top five of next year's draft. Look for the Brown's defense to dial up more blitz's and get fancy Sunday as well. The four sacks yesterday were a great sign of what may be coming this season. I know AP ran all over them in the second half, but the offense couldn't stay on the field, so they tired out and got ran over.

So to everyone please stop and think about the situation before getting all pissy about this team. If they keep playing like this through the mid point of the season, fine then you can start acting two year olds. They have only played one game!!!