Wings— Pens Game 2: Memorial Day Fire Works?

Dee Karl@@7thWomanSenior Analyst IMay 26, 2008

As I get ready this morning for my Norman Rockwell style Memorial Day festivities, all I can think of is, I HAVE TO BE BACK BY 7:30 pm to watch Game Two!

I've got the Memorial Day parade through town in 15 minutes, the service in Gillette Park, the Annual Clam Chowder brunch, the SFD vs. WSDF softball game followed by the bar-b-que. 

Yep. I live in one of those throw back all-American towns right here on Long Island.

I'm exceptionally lucky. 

And what runs through my head?

"Does the WSFD TV have Versus?"

"Will I be anywhere near my laptop when they drop the puck?"

"Will I be the only one glued to the big screen in the rec-room while everyone else is in the parking lot drinking beer and eating hot dogs?"

The last question is a definite YES and the fact that I'll be the only woman doing it is even more disconcerting to my husband who has to explain my actions to his fire department brotherhood.

"She has a hockey problem and I haven't found a patch for it yet." He'll glare at me, roll his eyes and then leave me and the TV alone.

But in the privacy of our own home, he'll give me his opinions.

"Who else told you the Wings would roll over the Penguins? Huh? Who? I'm tellin' ya Dee. They're no match." 

After watching the Game One shut out, this man may be right. He HAS been watching hockey a lot longer than I have (as he reminds me every day of my life) and he does know a thing or two even though he has never slapped a puck or celebrated a goal of his own.

But he knows his stuff.

I'm just happy to watch.

Will there be fireworks today on the ice supplied by Sydney and company or will they fizzle like a wet sparkler?

I've got to be there to find out.

As the 2007-2008 hockey season heads toward its glorious end, I can only hope for a seven game series.

Because, as my daughter said to me a few years ago as we watched the cup handed to the victors, "Hockey's over now Mom. What will you do? No. Seriously. WHAT will you do?"

I hate that part of the movie. At least this year, I have an answer....

"Will blog for gas money."

For those who serve, for those who gave their lives, for those who fight for us, Thank You. Say a prayer for our service people both at home and abroad this Memorial Day... and...

Go Penguins.