WWE Breaking Point: The Resurrection of the Montreal Screw Job

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer ISeptember 14, 2009

Last night, I was enjoying some pretty good football games. Then my buddy Liz sent me a message about last night's WWE Breaking Point.

I may not be 100 percent active on B/R, but I am still active in the wrestling world. After checking out the recap, there were several things that drove me crazy about what happened last night.

And I'm ready to vent them all in one swift article.


WWE Unified Tag Team Championships

Over the last two months, Chris Jericho & Big Show aka The Walls of Show-icho aka Beauty and The Beast aka Christina and Big Slow have reigned as WWE Unified Tag Team Champions.

Unfortunately, it comes with a price.

I'm starting to wonder what the WWE writers are thinking. You set Cryme Tyme up for their first possible run as Unified Tag Team Champions...only to make it nothing more than another stepping stone for the two newest egos in WWE to run over.

Then we come to last night's match. Again, Big Show provides the equalizer, and Christina...I mean Chris...gets the victory over Mark Henry and MVP??? Is the WWE making it clear that minorities will never make it past the hump that has been obvious for years?

In fact, Mark Henry was the last minority to hold a world title when he became ECW Champion. Booker T was the last minority to hold the World Heavyweight Championship. Quick pop quiz: Who was the last minority to hold the WWE Championship?

Answer: The late, great Eddie Guerrero.

So two months of the minorities having a chance to win tag team gold is thrown to The Pit of Bad Ideas, and we're stuck with a guy with frosty hair and a 7-foot schmuck with no legitimate wrestling skills whatsoever.

Okay WWE, if you're going to treat your minorities like this, just release them and let them go to TNA.

Why do they think Lashley left? It wasn't just the travel. It was the lack of respect.

And don't anyone dare bring up Kofi Kingston being the US Champion. The minorities deserve a legitimate run as champions. But for some reason, there is only one minority holding gold at any given time.

Mysterio and Kingston shared this distinction until a few weeks ago. Now CTC and The World's Strongest Players will have to settle for being nothing more than the stepping stones of Chris Jericho and The Big Show?

But that wasn't enough for the WWE...they took it a step further.


World Heavyweight Championship

CM Punk is the worst heel ever in the WWE...next to Hollywood Hogan. He looks more like an activist and preacher than World Champion.

And yet, they turned Teddy Long into Vickie Guerrero in one night. They tried to sell Long as Vickie and Punk as Edge.

FYI WWE: It's not working.

For starters, why put Undertaker back in the main event just to have him win/lose/get hosed by Long and Punk. I don't care about this whole probationary storyline they are trying to feed us.

You once again denied the fans of Montreal a chance to get over the original Montreal Screw Job involving Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, WCW and Vince McMahon.

But it got even worse when the second MSJ came at the expense of The Rock, Hulk Hogan and Big Daddy Vince.

So in retrospect, if the WWE doesn't like Montreal, why keep going there. Everytime the WWE invades Montreal, Quebec, Canada, they deliver countless amounts of controversy.

But last night's controversy was indeed the worst they have ever delivered. You don't want your main eventers to win matches? That's fine. Here's a solution: Don't put them in the matches. Simple.

But if your objective is to keep attempting spoon feeding CM Punk to us, just stop now. I would much rather have Edge come back and send him to the cleaners.

Jericho as World Champion? Good idea. Matt Hardy as WC? Good idea. CM Punk as World Champion? Dumbest idea ever? CM Punk, the so-called heel, so-called Straight Edge World Champion? Even worse.

But hey. Maybe there is some people who like the idea of Cryme Tyme and World's Strongest Players being minorities and not champions. Maybe there is some people who like the thought of Chris Jericho and Big Show being practically unstoppable. Maybe there are those who like the idea of CM Punk being able to defeat The Undertaker...

And maybe those people should wake up from their Medium-like fantasy and realize that those thoughts are as ridiculous as any Celebreality show on VH1...and yes, that includes you, Daisy De La Hoya.

To Be Continued...