Notre Dame Upends Michigan 34-41!

Jim Cowan@jimicowanCorrespondent ISeptember 14, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 29:  Notre Dame Fighting Irish head coach Charlie Weis looks on during the first half against the USC Trojans at the Memorial Coliseum on November 29, 2008 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Jimmy Clausen has solidified his status as a Heisman contender and has quieted the critics who said he was not worth the hype almost three years ago. His game winning drive this weekend against arch-rival Michigan capped off another stellar performance, this time against a non-MAC opponent.



After his game winning TD pass to Golden Tate, it was up to Coach John Tenuta's defense to make a stop, and that's exactly what they did, giving Notre Dame possession with just over three minutes to go. Michigan had retained two timeouts while Notre Dame had one remaining. Pass complete, few yards short...skip a play, run, get first down... all going according to plan, right. There were still a couple minutes left, but no problem, let's run it out boys. Allen is out with a stinger, no problem, we've got Gray, who needs redemption for his earlier fumble, Hughes, who as all but disappeared, and rook Riddick as well. Hell, lets give them all one chance.


First down, Hughes up the gut for a two yard gain. Second down, Riddick, draw, fights for seven yards! All meanwhile Clausen clock managing running seconds down, tick, tick... Michigan second time out. Third down, Riddick off tackle, into the wall but he fails to get a first down. Michigan calls last time-out.


They did get one last ditch effort, but with less than a minute to go, the young Michigan QB just ran out of time.


Now wait just one second you say. Is this guy lost it? This jack-ass must have not watched the last two minutes right, you ask?


In fact I did watch it. Nothing so regrettable as seeing was I saw unfold those last three minutes. So here it is folks, reality round-house kicked me right in the jaw.


I cannot help but feel as though I've been violated in a way. I'm afraid we've been sold a Bentley and got a Le Car! We got duped. No wait, WE GOT WEISED!


Unfortunately you don't know you've been Weised until 5 years after the fact because that Le Car is pretty kick ass those first two years, then performance starts to dwindle. You replace parts here and there, some improvement, but still not what you thought you bought. Finally you replace the entire interior and exterior you finally look as though you've got your Bentley. But guess what, one piece remains, that piece of shit Le Car engine.


We've polished this turd about as much as conceivably possible. We've got a turd still in our hands, and his name is Charlie Weis.


I digress. This rant has a point, which is any coach at any level would have noticed the necessity to burn as much time off of the clock, if for nothing else than to just make them use their timeouts. What does Chuck decide to do. Long pass down the sidelines! Oops, now it's third and long, pass to a non looking freshman. The WTF expression does not even cover the amount of disbelief in the play-calling. In fact there is no expression for that. Then I read this morning that he's calling out the players for their mistakes. What the f*ggity-f*ck?!!


I'll tell you what, I love the way those guys played! Clausen IS the real deal. The line IS bad ass. The run game is solid. Floyd para Presidente as far as I'm concerned! Even the D did what they were supposed to do when it counted.


But no thanks to coach, he leaves Michigan with two timeouts AND plenty of time! Even Matt “every baby from now until the end of time should be named Stud-bolt Tate Forcier” Millen called him out as saying Michigan should thank the Irish for putting them in such a favorable position.


So this is it. National Champions or bust. Even with a NC, I would not even question the first time in history a head coach being fired after winning a National Championship. Because one thing is certain. Every win here on out will be by the shear will and awesome athletic talent if the Irish players, NOT by the so-called offensive genius of Charlie Weis.


His one saving grace, professionally, is that he is a hell of a salesman. I'd say he missed his calling, but then again, it got him a 10 year contract at Notre Dame!


I am officially done with this guy.