From Sherk to Pellegrino: What Are the UFC's Plans With Frankie Edgar?

Sterling SpiarsAnalyst ISeptember 14, 2009

Before UFC 98, countless fans were wondering if Frankie "The Answer" Edgar had pissed in Dana White's Cheerios. Edgar was apparently forced to walk the plank and into the deep waters of the octagon where "The Muscle Shark" was planning to feed.

Sean Sherk needed one more convincing victory to get himself back in the title hunt, but Edgar had envisioned a different scenario.

Edgar's boxing looked to be as sharp as ever, out-striking Sherk while avoiding his counters with continuous movement on the feet.

Fans who had seen Edgar fight before were expecting that to happen. However, they were baffled when Edgar stuffed all but one takedown attempt by Sherk.

Edgar shocked the MGM Grand Garden Arena and the millions watching at home by out-working Sherk en-route to a unanimous decision victory. Even UFC president Dana White was in awe of Edgar's performance.

"My feeling was, there's no way possible for Frankie Edgar to win this fight. He came in with the most incredible game plan I've ever seen and fought literally the perfect fight. He looked phenomenal tonight."

The victory should have shot Edgar up the lightweight ladder, so why is it that "The Answer's" next opponent is Kurt Pellegrino?

No disrespect to Pellegrino, but Edgar deserves an opponent on the level of Clay Guida or Kenny Florian. Two fighters who are still apparently in the title mix, despite the fact that they both recently lost.

It may be possible that White still isn't all that impressed with Edgar yet; he literally wrote off Edgar's chances against Sherk before the fight even began.

So could it be any wonder that he may think Edgar's chances would be dismal against the likes of Diego Sanchez or B.J. Penn?

It seems more than likely that White is grooming Edgar into a champion or at the very least, a contender with some recognition among the mainstream audience.

Despite a 10-1 record with victories over Jim Miller, Tyson Griffin, Spencer Fisher, Hermes Franca, and Sean Sherk; it appears Edgar is still floating under the radar.

Although Pellegrino is a dangerous opponent in his own right, a victory for Edgar won't be worth much in his title quest.

Edgar is just going to have to bide his time while he continues to improve. Defeat every opponent that the UFC offers and realize that his title shot will come if he continues to win.