The Question Has Been Answered By The Real Answer

BOBBY Contributor ISeptember 14, 2009

This has been a dream/answer come true, for the Grizzlies.The teams head coach really understands what he has to do to help this team by addressing two of the biggest needs through the draft and free agency. Come on by bringing in a scoring champion almost 5 times, a player thats played in the championship the veteran point guard many loves and know he's capable of scoring and dishing and has the defense most point guards would kill to have Allen Iverson is by far the perfect pick for the young upcoming Grizzlies organization.

 The number one question on everybody's mind is how will this group of talent succeed. OJ Mayo, AI, Rudy, Randolph and Thabeet I think will be a nice starting five here you got your scorers = Iverson, Gay and Mayo the passers you can have either Mayo, Conley and A.I. the defenders = this entire line has some kind of defensive talent in them i think in the games i seen them play. With the addition of Iverson the Memphis Grizzlies just won the award for the most exiciting team. Many think the aren't going to get far with Iverson on the squad but I say wait and see until the first game at least. They been looking good in camp running plays, drills, and late game situations on point.

 I like the young talented Rudy Gay who is just great at getting up in down the floor, can dunk on anyone as we all know that, has a better-than-average outside shot and during next season has enough room to grow and become a better all-around player. Now their young and talented poing gaurd OJ Mayo had a break out season averaging I think over 17 points 3 boards and 3 assists don't worry this will all add up and increase very soon. He was very consitent daily, playing all games last season over 38 minutes each game. Now thats impressing considering it was his first season. Randolph frequently gets overlooked but brings the toughness and veteran help these young cubs need.

Their biggest key to a successful season is the health factor of their big men. They look ok so far entering training camp, everyone is healthier than ever. Memphis to what I noticed desperatly lacked a needed leadership at the point-guard position and with that answered with the answer many can see they're confident they found it in Iverson. With the development of all these young players and fasted paced offensive players i don't see why we cant count them into the playoff run now. There are a lot of "if's" in Memphis, but if things come together the right way, the Grizzlies could in my eyes move back into the Western Conference playoff picture in 09-10. Finally, the Grizzlies have some question marks in the frontcourt. They aren't too deep enough at the center and may not have enough bangers to compete with the very physical Western Conference