College Football 2009 Thoughts and Opinions Week 2

David HedlindAnalyst IISeptember 14, 2009

Heads Up Coach

This is a fair warning to Colorado head coach Dan Hawkins. Things haven’t been going right for Hawkins up to this season and have only gotten worse in 2009.

The loss to rival Colorado State is one thing, but the loss to Toledo raises more rumblings. The road isn’t getting any easier as the Buffs host Wyoming, have a week off, then travel to West Virginia and Texas in back to back weeks.

I just wonder if Hawkins will be around all year. Don't worry though, there are a few other guys out there that need to watch out. 


Non Autoqualifiers

I still hold to BYU, Utah, Boise State, and TCU as the top contenders to earn a BCS bowl. I mentioned Houston last week as a long shot and that shot just got shorter.

In my opinion Houston’s win over No. 5 Oklahoma State may be more impressive than BYU’s win over Oklahoma. Houston didn’t just win, they dominated them.

Couple that with Toledo and Colorado State’s wins over Colorado, Central Michigan beating Michigan State, Boise State beating Oregon, Fresno State taking Wisconsin to overtime, UNLV losing to Oregon State in the final seconds, Eastern and Western Michigan barely falling to a couple of Big 10 schools, TCU beating Virginia, Bowling Green loss by seven to Missouri, Louisiana Lafayette beating Kansas State, and Hawaii beating Washington State, and it looks like the “mid majors” are ready to play the big boys. 


FCS Upsets

I mentioned last week that I had a list of 16 games against FCS opponents where I had a feeling about the FCS upset happening. In week one, three FCS teams beat FBS teams and three others lost by one possession. Since I only said the FBS teams need to watch out I am calling a 6-0 record.

In week two Maryland escaped James Madison by three. Colorado State beat Weber State by one. New Mexico State managed a three point win over Prairie view A&M.

Ball State actually fell victim and lost to New Hampshire.

No big wins but more narrow wins and a loss. I’m calling it a 10-0 record.


Notre Dame: Sorry Lou

Improved, but still not good enough to make the National Championship game. A BCS berth may still be an option, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

I am calling an eight or nine win season. From what I have seen so far from them and some of their opponents, I think there are a few teams, on the right day that can beat them.



Last season the ACC had 10 teams in bowls. The difference in teams in both divisions was slight. I have a feeling we will see something similar this season.

The close games for Miami and Florida State, then from Georgia Tech and Clemson gives me the indication that the race could be just as tight this year. I would count out Duke, Virginia, and probably Maryland this season though.


Tennessee at Florida

Sorry, but I am not looking forward to this. I know all the drama from the offseason has a lot of people talking about this game, but from the on field play so far, I would be greatly surprised if Florida didn’t win this walking away.

Florida, so far this season, has not really played anyone of substance but they still seem to be clicking on all cylinders. Tennessee opened up with a big win over the newest FCS team in Western Kentucky but then lost at home to UCLA.

Tennessee still has a lot of work before I think they are ready to compete for the SEC again. I just don’t see this game being close.


The State of Washington

Last year the two schools in the state of Washington were two of the worst in the country. This year, so far, it appears one of them is turning around.

Washington has opened the season 1-1 with a win over Idaho and a loss to LSU. The loss was closer than many expected as Washington was still in the game well into the fourth quarter.

The win in week two may have been over Idaho, a school that isn’t exactly a power house, but the win ends the nation's longest losing streak at 15 games. Washington had not won a game since 2007.

Washington State on the other hand is 0-2 after losses to Stanford and Hawaii. It would not surprise me to see Washington State end up 0-12 this season. Their only chance is to upset someone looking past them to their next opponent.


USC-Ohio State

I read the words USC and national championship numerous times in the same story and I don’t get it.

Sure they won, but its not like they dominated. I didn’t see the same USC I saw last season, or in previous ones.

Yeah they will still be in the discussion, but I am skeptical. I said it in my bold predictions that neither of these teams, win or lose, would make the title game. I still feel that way.



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